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Live long and prosper.

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Good afternoon friends, brothers, sisters. Fellow explorers of both the depths of reality and conciousness. My name is SWIM, (unfortunately). I am relatively new here which is obvious, and have been conducting research on DMT, particularly the smoked method of consumption for a few weeks now. I have always been interested in psychedelics however it is hard to find here, and so weed is the only thing I have experienced thus far.

DMT allures me for many reasons, though to be honest with you they are mainly self centered. I have struggled with depression for five years, and throughout I have found that achieving personal change is incredibly difficult. Though I know DMT is not a one stop cure all, I hope that in its responsible and careful use I can become more in tune with my reality, and perhaps resolve or heal trauma I have experienced.

I have done much research, and have attempted to prepare myself as much as possible. I know what will come will be incomprehensible, alien in all regards, and incredibly intense, and I embrace that. I know not what lies behind the door, yet my soul yearns to breach its gates.

I am now a short while away from completing the extraction process, and it is here where I ask of you if there were any advice you would like to give? Advice, wisdom, commentary or conversation, all is welcome.

Regardless, live long and prosper.

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Welcome StudentoftheMind,

Sounds like you've done your homework, have built a good foundation, and are approaching with sincere intention. I'm sure you find much benefit in your exploration of the molecule.

Looking forward to hearing your insights as you delve into your first experience and beyond.

Advice: Don't forget to smile. Big grin
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