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Hello. I've been trying to search the internet to find an experience similar to SWIM's but couldn't which was somehow disturbing for me so I am writing this. If you've read anything similar somewhere, I would be very glad if you could redirect me there. This experience I am speaking about differs from those I find everywhere in these ways: 1) There were no concrete entities (at least not in the memory of SWIM) 2) There was no concrete place/space/universe where some plot would unfold 3) There was not enternal love 4) This was not the kind of 'I was in my room, but feeling kinda weird, feeling x, remembering y, being in the presence of z, in the room of a, but it looked all very colorful and I had interesting thoughts about it which I could judge because I knew I was a' experience. So it got confusing. Describing it is very artificial, me trying to make sense out of it very hard, since there were actually very little memories of it - and no wonder. That was not the way people think, there was not much opportunity to memorize since memories happen thanks to categorizing.
Yes, so basically, what happend in that story is that SWIM was trying to inhale as much as he could so he could have a breaktrough but probably didn't manage to do so since he found some rests in the pipe after. When he closed his eyes the reality started to blend. The categories he was used to started to collide into each other. Space, time, opposites - now, being aware the meaning is created by a location in the symbolic structure, that suggests that he was falling into a complete chaos. There was a dynamic in this process so there were still some principles but they got confused with each other like if everything was happening at the same time but all the possible time. He felt like the ocean fell on him when he closed his eyes. Like there were all the shapes and all the colors, like all that could be sorrowful and all that could be joyful was the same and the impresion of it was just that there was just too much of it, so it was all just monstrous. I concluded that all the joy of the world is all of the sudden not so much fun anymore when it happens at the same time. Especially if you cannot fully distinguish it from other things from which you could derive a meaning of it. It wasn't quite happening on the same plane as thoughts, there were rather feelings, impressions or how to say... I think there was probably some vision but cannot recollect anything concrete. But since there was still a progression this culminated into the final blend - there was more and more light and a feeling of some final peace that was promising and blissful - not joyful, that's something entirely different. And all of the sudden it all made sense but not that SWIM would think: "oh, so the answer to universe is x=y2+c", but a feeling that all the sorrow and all the joy find the meaning in the magnificence of pure being... But shortly before this final blend making it a united single stopped - and then, like it happend all over again and then, swim was back in his living room. SWIM felt overwhelemed.
Now, SWIM does understand why some people felt eternal love. However, SWIM has absolutely no idea where other people took their aliens. It's like they were speaking about some different drug. SWIM is also very fascinated by their ability to recollect a concrete place, entities and feelings they had (like fear) while claiming that happend to THEM after their ego-death because SWIM finds that contradictory. SWIM's own feelings or memories or basically sense of him was not even o topic, they were not in a question. It was not like SWIM would react to something... it was happening while noone including SWIM didn't take SWIM's existence into question... so SWIM would like to know if this happens to people before they meet their aliens? Or their pretty concrete vaccation? And why couldn't SWIM and up in different dimension but ended up in mashed potatoes?
Thank you all.

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While there is a plenty of trip reports on the internet, seemingly having same motives or encounters/locations, it doesn't mean that all experiences are similar (or not).

What you encounter in hyperspace, is terribly hard to bring into the words, simply because there are no words or even concepts in our brain to express and describe them.

Even when we smoked with friends together, same spice, same location, our experiences would be different. Sometimes you get to meet entities/aliens, sometimes you just taken on a tour of spaces/rooms, sometimes you communicate, sometimes you are shown the door right away. Experiences can and will be very different.

Don't expect to get what you want from DMT, but rather you will get what you need. It's not like you can walk in into a hyperspace theater and order a show to your liking, but you always can ask.

Keep exploring and smoalk more!

(post about your further experiences here or have a diary, later you will be able to re-read and look at them from a different perspective in time.)
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Every single time you go, it'll be a totally different experience. Sometimes meet entities, sometimes not. Sometimes see the door to the veil, sometimes go through it. Sometimes just shapes and weird patterns. EVERY single time I've had breakthroughs it has been different. That's what's so fascinating about it imo.
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