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Here is a link to directly view

I had a surprising experience a bit more than three years ago where my neighbor had found an opossum skull and showed me! It happened suddenly, he had left it where it was and I had been standing nearby talking with them.

Later when I went inside and had opened a capsule of coleus root extract over a plate, the residual powder somehow formed into this overall shape. I must have tipped the plate at some point.

An image was clear to me due to context: It is possible to see basically a somewhat mantid-headed being that can perhaps be interpreted as wearing a long robe, gently holding what still seems to me to resemble a living opossum with its head and face visible! The actual image is subjective of course but I find the proportions and details to be rather inspiring!

I decided to share this not due to the image itself, rather due to the idea you are describing about how the Power of Expectation and Power of Suggestion are so deeply within the fullness of existence, such that there can be surprising interactions between them!!


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<3 Buddy.. I think you will find yourself back to a hobby in no time. But I did the same thing.. for 20ish years. I packed up my old life and traded it in for a lot of work lol.. but I have a lot of great things now because of it. Only going back to my roots when the family illness thing happened. It would be nice to hear how you are doing and know you are killing it in life.

If you can maintain a better attitude than anyone around you. Keep up with those you know need a call. Be kind when you don't feel like it.. you can go a really long way in life. Not sure why, but those skills matter more than the 'trade' skills many times.

Some Not-so-motivational-but-this-is-all-I-got-quotes.

Marcus Aurelius: The only thing that isn't worthless: To live this life out truthfully and rightly. And be patient with those who don't.

Alan Watts: You need to play the game or else you make a right mess for everyone around you!

Dance that dance man! Just make sure to let us know when you make it to the finals Razz

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ACY, your story, is my story. I went, and still going through, similar struggles, and this entity (which I call Esther) was there for me in a similar way.

But here's where I have trouble that she (and your Mantis) are just another aspect of our personality: Esther has correctly foretold the future 3 times so far for me.

She has also told me clearly that the future is never set in stone, and depending on our actions, it can take different forms. I experienced that as well (basically, the event foretold happened, but because different decisions were taken, it ended up differently than it was ultimately foretold). Other times, she was on point.

So, while a soft-split personality in all of us might be the culprit for seeing entities, I have trouble believing that we're also capable of telling the future. But then again, who knows.
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Your dreams can often predict the future, this doesn't require entities. There seems to be a part of the mind which is outside time.
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While I don't dispute that, I also don't dispute the fact that 4D physics and math exists, and it's totally possible that beings that live in these dimensions are totally possible, and even natural. During trance/sleep/high, when our brains changes gears, we might be able to see glimpses of their world, and communicate. I don't see that as weird. Saying that "part of the mind is outside of time" does not mutually exclude any other explanation. Not to even mention that -- if you want to go totally skeptic -- that "mind outside of time" is as pseudoscientific as what I suggested. Personally, it feels natural to me that these entities do exist and are objective entities, while communicating to us via subjective means. Maybe that's the only way to cross-over.
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Handel wrote:
if you want to go totally skeptic -- that "mind outside of time" is as pseudoscientific as what I suggested.

Sure, but I know from my own experience that my dreams have sometimes predicted the future in ways which are completely impossible to currently explain scientifically, or even statistically. I've had dreams predicting incredibly obscure and impossible to know details, which came true the next day.

At the same time, that by itself doesn't mean we have to postulate additional things (Occam's razor can still apply).

I'm not saying your belief in entities which are external to the mind is wrong. Just that having dreams predicting the future doesn't necessarily imply that.
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That's true, but I was told things by entities that in all intends and purposes, weren't me. I didn't just see a dream that resembled the future, or that it had a storyline that later played out. Instead, I was made lucid by them (as if waking up while still asleep), and I was told so and so very directly.
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continue this convo please,

I'm enjoying, thank you
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Part 5.9: Intermission???????? (music only; see below)

Gotta laugh at ourselves Razz

Wait... what? They came out with a new version of this song..... hmmmm.... wait for it.....!

EDIT: Content below was posted on 02/27/19

OK, if anyone actually reads this much into the story, here is the intermission. This will be my last contribution to the story, though it's not going to be told through "AcaciaConfusedYah." I have asked a friend of mine to tell the story as we move through Parts 6, 7 and 8.

I have not decided which music choices that we'll use to tell the remainder of the story. I am waiting a little while to see if one of the influential artists actually drops their new album or not. LOL.... We've been waiting a while, fellas.... er... I guess the audience isn't quite ready? Well... I'll take their hint. When they drop their new album, I'll assume the story is ready to be told and Parts 6 through 8 will be released.

Anyways, here is the intermission. Originally posted in this thread:;m=961964#post961964
AcaciaConfusedYah wrote:
ozzoes wrote:
The one doing the evil deeds does so out of a verry ugly place. Good intentions are the most dangerous thing on this planet, when your intentions are bad its usually easier to see the consequences.

Beating him up will only strenghten the hate towards life this person lives in, probbably not leading towards a better situation. He will see him as your victim, not some one who deserved what he got ( i think).

I do understand your position, and i have the utmost respect for your restraint. Let him be your trainer in this. Atleast one person reaps benefit from his (dispicable) actions.

I've been watching this thread, and I think this answer sums up my feelings as well. I couldn't think of the best way to answer.... err.... kinda hit close to home and just in time. But, just is in time is better than the alternative.

Luckily, I was not angry at a person. I was really f'n mad at DMT. I felt betrayed - from an event that happened years ago. So, I'd been quietly "huffing and puffing and sulking" for a few years. Over the past few months, things seemed like they were getting weirder - an I felt that I'd developed an unhealthy perspective about DMT. Watching as countless people are induced with fear... fear? Really? The thing that is all over the world in all sorts of living thing thrives on fear? What a loser. Pathetic, really. Seriously, it is pathetic. And it is weakness.

Anyways, I got tired of being the subject.... so I made a plan. Actually, a few plans. I decided to use an old trick that I'd learned from LSD and subdivided myself into 4 different realities/planes of existence. I waited until my "group" should be asleep, and sent three of the selves into their dreams for safety and a back-up in case this idea backfired. I was ready for a backfire. Still might happen.... but, I left myself with a sacrificial "lamb." One of the components that I am displeased with - the "addict of impulse." I spent all day saying that the guardian was already in there and battling away... but getting weak. So, the only option would be sending the "addict of impulse" in to trade out with the guardian and allow it to come home.

Once there, it was instructed to cling on to any of the "dick head" entities; bury deep inside them and then subdivide the entities into 4 - casting them all across the universe. I'd picked the center of a star for the final location of one: so that it could burn for eternity until exploding into nothingness. Another part would be placed in the center of a frozen planet: so that it will shiver for eternity, until the planet is destroyed - back to nothingness. The third part would find a meteoroid or asteroid and locate itself in the center of the living rock - stuck in a rigid setting with no bearing of location; drifting into nothingness... and the last part.... now this is where it gets risky... the last part would have likely been the toughest. So, that part would be bound to... me. Imagine living inside something.... trapped there... unable to escape. I'll let it feel my pain, my joy, my vision, my senses... as of it thinks it's driving the ship. LOL. But it would be a passenger and I have to option of "mute."

"Sorry entity xyz... I had come to you many times... and learned how to use my mistakes against you. If I suffer, you suffer. If I'm happy, you're happy. If i'm sad, you'll be sad. You won't be able to distinguish the difference... and GOOOOOD luck getting your body back. The more you try to escape, the tighter the web around your throat will be. I don't mind. I get choked out all the time. I tap when I can't get out of a hold. I don't continue to struggle - it just gets tighter. Of course, when I roll - I'm rolling with friends. So, what say you? End the feud and become a team?"

This caught it off guard. The whole day it was thinking that I was coming into its world to fight it. Lol. Deception is yet another trick that it taught me. So... the time has come, and I'm ready. I loaded the GVG and decided to take the launch. At first, it seemed friendly - so I smiled and waited. It seemed to display much confusion. It started off by trying to show mesmerizing colors... I said my prayer: "To be aware is to be free. To be focused is to be here. To be strong, we must love. We heal everything." That was the catalyst the showed it's true nature. It wanted to jam my awareness. It didn't. It wanted to jam my focus, it didn't. It wanted to jam my love... it couldn't. Upon saying that last line, it began to show erratic behavior. Shifting between visions that it thought would scare me. It didn't. I just simply repeated myself, over and over.

Each time, it began to try harder and harder to break me. It was funny! - Seeing something so insignificant trying to break my current position. Maybe it fails to realize my own insignificance? Oh well. We kept going. It tried everything it could to break my focus and my goal. Didn't work. My only compromise would be that we would set aside our differences and become a team. Eventually, it began to show some awareness, then focus, then love, and eventually "submitted." It's not going to get freedom, not yet. It's not going to "be here" not yet. It's not going to gain strength, not yet. But, it will begin to heal - everything. If not, then the consequences will ultimately render it powerless.

I still did not trust it, so I re-packed the GVG and headed in. Neutrality. It no longer seemed to want control over me. In fact, it's pretty scared right now. It knows what is happening by the creation of this post... yes, the intent of the entity will be bound in a pixilated, 2-D world that only lives if I chose it to live. Should I feel the need - this post will be deleted and lost into the void of nothingness. It is entangled in these words - and once they are gone... it goes too. Simple. Type it out, and then delete it.

I learned about this method from a dream... actually, this is the dream that brought all of this to my attention:

Dream originally occurred on 02/19/2019

AcaciaConfusedYah wrote:

Last night, I had a very disturbing dream:

I noticed lucidity and decided to play. I had been thinking about the possibility of stimulation theory, so I decided to give it a test. So, i built a world, much like this one, and placed a hidden door that I could use to enter and exit.

Well, after spending time there, I had developed a character that i could use to interact with the subjects. I told a small group of them the truth of their existence. They seemed delighted!

So, I'd come and go as I'd like. But, they started taking notice of my way in and out. Apparently, they were not pleased with my ability to come and go - and they conspired a plan. I didn't think anything of the questions they'd been asking me. I thought all was friendly.

So, towards the end of the dream they had conspired a way to set a trap. They "hacked" into the simulation and created some kind of condition that would cause anyone who could pass through "the door" (it was an aquarium in a grocery store???) to be suspended in a 2-D, dark eternity of timelessness.

When I went through, I was unaware of the trap. But, once I did, my "simulated" self became a 2D fixated image that felt like it was paralyzed and frozen. Falling into nothingness - endless nothingness. I could not breathe. I could not move. I could only be lost in my own transition.

So, after (what felt like an eternity) I figured out how to get out of my condition. So, I came back into the game as a different player. This time, they seemed to have taken over the mechanism that operated that world. It was no longer under my dictation. (I didn't dictate. I only created and observed.)

In time, they became aware of who I was. (I was building a group to overthrow them and reclaim my place. I felt that they had ruined the intention of the experiment.) This didn't go down very well. So, I decided to wake up and come back to this reality and start my day.

But, I couldn't leave. I remembered that there was only one way in and one way out. Well, our group devised a plan to exit and seal. I was betrayed again. Cast into another realm of nothingness. Again, I was frozen and fell into an infinite eternity of darkness and timelessness.

I began to remember my body, here. And that became the only hope of exit. For lifetimes on end, i spent trying to re-manifest into "me." Finally... after countless eons I was able to send a signal to the physical. It took remembering all the things that I'd experienced which have formed me into the person that I am, today. Finally...

I woke.
(Now in the physical) My eyes opened wide with terror! I couldn't breath or move at first. But, I slowly regained my senses. My nasal cavities had been collapsed, so I had to just lay there and breathe for a while before they opened.

I've had a headache since then.

I had a headache for most of the day... until I got an idea... they trapped me in a 2-D realm... well... why not I do the same? I typed out the dream, on a different chat - got all the details out there and then.... "jester clear." POOF. Just like that, they were stuck in a 2-D realm of nothingness. Their existence was lost in the void of nothingness. No, telling the story doesn't bring them back. It only serves as a reminder for my "pals" that they should be careful about giving up their secrets. I'm not going to tell how they can get out (they can't). Only reason that I made it out is because my wife had a strange feeling that I'd stopped breathing. She usually doesn't wake me up when she leaves for work... but she said that she had a weird feeling that I wasn't breathing. So, she is the one who got me out.

Love. To be strong, we must love. Those who do not love will never be strong. They will be weakness. Without her, would I have suffocated? Maybe. The problem for them... they only love themselves. No one will EVER wish to wake them from their endless void of envy and hatred.

Whew. Glad to get that shit out. Smile

I like to play this song for it to hear... you know, just to remind it of our little disagreement. Should it try some bullshittery... then I'll take a different approach. But, when you use music as a weapon... hard to avoid.

Take care!


(***** It may be important to clarify: The entity that was being tricked WAS not DMT. DMT was the tool to enter into a vulnerable state and instigate change within myself. The enemy is "the addict of impulse." I know that it had been a part of me in the past, and tends to demand control of the situation when I feel pressed into a corner. When I say that I subdivided, that was also a ploy to think that the "addict of impulse" felt it was it's moral obligation to go in for the greater good. However, it's methods were not really "righteous." Yes, this is the side of me that resides in fear. It is my weakness. (It's actually the one that made the plan!!! Laughing ) But, I have made the choice that it's no longer a primary factor in my life. it made the choice to confront itself and exit. Yes, I will retain the memory... but that can easily be lost in the void.... remembering my past mistakes will help improve my future actions.

This is a metaphorical story. Sure, did it happen like that? I guess. But there were many parts at play. I had to figure out a creative way to get rid of the things which instigate feelings of weakness. To grow as a person, I have to love. That is the message.**** )

If you're on a fence, take a trip. If you're on a trip, don't take offense.

It's like building a mountain vs. digging a hole. To do one, you are also doing the other. At the end, where do you want to stand?

I'm going to add to the statement about a fence. "Sometimes standing on a fence means you are learning balance. If you lose balance, without picking a side- you might rack yourself in the balls. Sometimes it's best to just knock down a fence. Balance was never lost until there was a fence. No offense."
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