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PsyDuckmonkey wrote:
It is my opinion that these kinds of discussions would require all participants to understand the "formulas and numerical predictions" as you put it, to a tee. High physics and high mathematics are a discipline that cannot be losslessly transformed down to hunter-gatherer ape think. Those formulas you deride are physics. Talking about physics in hunter-gatherer terms (aka natural language) is like trying to explain what tripping is like to someone who never tripped.

...So don't discount the maths.

What I find amusing about this thread is how it has veered off into an intellectual-mathematical discussion, which whilst being very interesting and thought provoking isn't all that far from where we started with the OPs original proposition.. which has been critically derided.. and replaced with equally outlandish propositions in my opinion.

There is an over reliance on mathematics in our current scientific paradigm, most easily seen with our cosmological model, astrophysics, and with the theories already mentioned so far. It is a language and unfortunately as humans we seem predisposed to tell stories with it, to project all sorts of fantasies on to it and with it, instead of using it to actually explain what we see.

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality" - Nikola Tesla

If we spent more time actually observing what is right in front of us and not getting lost in mathematical abstractions and jerking off to the 'superior' mathematical minds (Hawkings etc) I would posit we would advance much quicker as a society from the point where we are at currently. More over, if we actually bothered to question what is doing the seeing inside of ourselves instead of looking to the outside for answers we'd make the quantum leap we all deep down hope for.

Forget the maths and lets pay attention to ourselves and each other. /rant

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The Traveler wrote:
AcaciaConfusedYah wrote:
The proposition: does the light used in the means of "observing" the photon interfere with the wave? We know about constructive and destructive interference... so. By using light to "observe," is it the light that interacts with itself that crashes the wave?

Here is an interesting thought experiment based on that principle: Wigner's friend

And some extra mind-pulling stuff: Quantum foam

Kind regards,

The Traveler

Thank you for the links Trav! I am taking a look at them now.


Edit: Very insightful video and wiki link. I love learning about quantum mechanics. At the university it is presented in a very reduced version. We explored many of the equations that were discussed in Wigner's friend, however it was never discussed as "Wigner's friend," they simply just explained the different states, the equations, and which states apply to which specific setting, transition, etc etc.

I always like seeing the creative ways that folks use to relay ideas and concepts - such as the Quantum Foam. It places an imagery in one's mind that can be used to related the concept behind the theory.

During that video, it shows a magnified version of matter being created out of "nothing" and then being destroyed into "nothing." That is very interesting! I wonder if there is a way to probe even further and see what is occurring within the "moments" of existence before returning to nothing? Is there a limit at some point? Or is it going to be continuously repeating the same behavior "all the way down?" Is it limitless?
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Because I believe reality is computer generated, this means that the laws of our "universe", such as all physics, are completely created by God, and may change at any time. science is also a creation of God, and its laws can change at any time.

a simple example of this would be the acceleration of gravity. when we measure the acceleration of gravity on earth, it is 9.8 m/s^2. but there is no reason that it has to remain 9.8 m/s^2. it could change at any time, like changing a computer file on a computer.

i also believe things such as DMT and quantum physics, are creations of god as well. they are creations made by god for us to experience. they are NOT made to be fully understood. they are there to amaze us and make us wonder. and they are open to interpretation.

and again, reality is an image(eyesight) + signals(feelings) + information(thoughts).
so any evidence one may find about our reality, could be simulated results, or just a change in the image(eyesight) + signals(feelings) + information(thoughts). so anything and everything is possible!

but again, i also believe reality is a scripted computer simulation for the soul, so everything i wrote here was pre-determined.

thanks for reading. any and all input is appreciated! Smile
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I find it intriguing that so many people begin to think this way after becoming involved with DMT. I published an article on this very subject a couple of years ago:

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