Why you should NOT take DMT Options
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Thanks for explaining Infpwnz, I now see better how you fitted it in this thread.

I agree that hard minded people might be benefiting form extra care integrating the experience afterwards. And if the possibilities for serious integration are absent, than it is indeed a good advise to not-just-take-it-on-a-whim and wait until there's enough time and circumstances to deal with a mind and soul shaking experiment.

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Awesome post!

When it comes to taking DMT, I’ve always been the kind of person who had to try it for himself (no matter how many warnings were given). But now after taking it, I advise against it if I feel the person wanting to try it is not in the right frame of mind. In reality, there’s really no right way to prepare for what will unfold. For someone like me, who didn’t even break through yet, floating in the space after the 2nd hit, all I know is that I still know absolutely nothing. The spirit molecule played with my ego death, and made me respect it, an unforgettable introduction.

I’m certain that when I do break through, that any expectations I could’ve ever conjured up will be utterly and completely blown away.
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I would like to make the common comparison to space travel, but in a different manner. It's like space travel in the sense of, while most Astronauts certainly have fun doing it, Not everyone is cut out to be an Astronaut lol. Just ballpark guesstimating, I would say 40% of people arent going to have what they describe as a "positive experience" if they were launched into orbit via rocket propulsion. 10% of people would probably consider it specifically a "negative" experience, and then theres the .01% of people that are going to be measurably traumatized for the rest of their lives from it. HOWEVER NASA screens astronauts and Vendors sell indiscriminately. Theres FAR less of a chance that an Astronaut isnt prepared or aware of what they're in for than your average first time DMT smoker. I took Ambien about 30 mins ago so I apologize preemptively if this comment doesnt make as much sense as I think it does or contains any racial slurs. Peace and love and cheers and stuff.

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I'm yet to try DMT, I've already tried many psychedelics but DMT is my final goal. After this my psychedelic journey will be complete. I'm guy who thinks drugs shouldn't be taken at all in perfect world, but I'm just curious of how it works.
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This is a really great write up Thumbs up
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Visty wrote:
Excellent post and advice. After a year of triweekly mushroom sessions I can tell you, your perception of reality does change. It is a hidden process. It has lead me to question even more than I already did. This sort of stuff is not to be taken lightly. But I have found I can take it on.

One thing it did for me is provide me with a new way of describing ideas. My ability to express myself has improved. I am much more empathic. I feel some ways. My girlfriend tells me I am more ...mellow I suppose.

Status quo changing stuff.

Man I am with you on the empathetic/less violent bit. Not that I am an arsehole or a hothead or anything, I'm a chill person, but even more so now since my last few voyages with mushrooms. My situation is the opposite tho, I'd love for my wife to take some and relax a bit, she's pretty high strung and doesn't get the same effects from psilo as I do. Surprised
"Take the red pill, and see how far down the rabbit hole goes..."
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Doesn't a combination of DMT with Harmine produce a more pleasurable experience?
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That was really good OP.

I think if I took the questionnaire over again I would just copy and paste this as the answer to

"someone is about to take DMT for the first time. What is your advice."
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