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This was my template;
SUBZERO wrote:
Guys, I got my Mr bald T. Works pretty good but it doesn't do temp control which left me with either weakish hits, or burnt ones. So I got something new.

I'm sure most of you know about Divine Tribe. Well he's got a new product called the Quartz Quest it's basically a temp control quartz cup. It works AMAZING. No burnt hits and I blast off 1 rip. Set it to 310° ni 50 watts and you're golden. 😛

Happy to say it was perfect. Pico eleaf mod with the above settings. added spice, melted at 210, reset to 310, pulsed the mod and Whoooooosh!!! Smooth as silk. The V3 ceramic cup is a thing of the past, read plenty mixed reviews about the Yocan but wanted temp control and simplicity. Love this rig. Not getting rid of the Sexy Spiceship (GVG) yet but probably will use the "Q" more often than not.

Hat tip SUBZERO! Big grin

Feel free to add comments on mods and settings for this here. Plenty in the Anlerr thread about it but I feel it deserves its own thread.
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