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#1 Posted : 1/31/2019 1:50:28 PM

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My first experience with mushrooms was like all first… unforgettable. I was around 17 and at the time just a recreational drug user (mostly pot). I had openly tallked about wanting to try mushrooms with my friends and closer family so this was no secret. One day my mother(who was a huge liberal hippie) comes home from her job at a fast food establishment and tells me she has a surprise for me. one of her coworkers husbands had been growing some shrooms for personal use and my mother got me 12 grams(dried) from him. Without hesitation i called 2 of my very close friends to come share in this exciting experience with me. When it got dark me and my two friend (plus ones girlfriend) grinded the shrooms into a fine powder with my pot grinder and split the pile of powder into four 3 gram piles. We put them on paper said cheers and downed the piles like goodie powders. 45 minutes to an hour and a half later they started to kick in. It first started with the uncontrolled laughing and giggles. We all immediately noticed this and agreed they must be starting to kick in. Not to long after things got trippy. I began noticing movement out the corners of my eyes and looked to see that a giant tangle of extension chords were curling together like they were moving. From here i began to really notice the effects as my tile floor had become a sea of intertwining fractals. After observing the room in amazement for a while me and my friends decided it was time to take our journey outside to see what that would be like. we tip toed out the door trying to avoid waking my parents(though we couldnt stop giggling), and set out for the woods. I remember the sky was very open with lots of stars which appeared to be moving around some. We thought this was awsome so we staired at it for a while still giggling. After we lost interest in the sky we decided to go back in for a while. At this point the trip had started to mellow out so nothing to interesting really happened after that. We spent the rest of the night riding out the euphoria and having a good time till we all crashed. From this experience on psychedelics were my substances of choice. I never thought they would lead me to any sort of spirituality or anything but they ultimately did(a story for another time). Anyways that was my first experience with mushrooms or any psychedelic(not including pot) and its a memory i will cherish forever. Thanks to all for reading my trip report.
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Todo lo que quiero es que me recuerdes siempre así...amándote. Mantay kuna kayadidididi~~Ayahuasca shamudididi. Silence ○ Shiva ◇ eternal Purusha.
What we have done is establish the rule of authority in silence. Silence is the administrator of the universe. In silence is the script of Natural Law, eternally guiding the destiny of everyone. The Joy of Giving See the job. Do the job. Stay out of the misery.
May this world be established with a sense of well-being and happiness. May all beings in all worlds be blessed with peace, contentment, and freedom.
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You seem to have a very nice motherThumbs up.
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Mushrooms truly are a gift. I like how both Mother Nature and your mother got them to you and your youthful friends full of life and curiosity.

Thanks for the report.
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Lol yea my moms always been pretty dope... kinda crazy though... lots of conspiracy theories lmaoConfused
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