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#1 Posted : 1/10/2019 1:51:52 AM
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G'Day to y'all .

I first stumbled here in a hedonistic trance many years ago . I took what I could like a succubus , scouring through extraction TEKS . On the end of an LSD fueled , THC filled year I extracted an ounce of crystal for a friend. Preparing some changa myself , I of course dabbled, yet most of the time I would get hit in the face and black-out ... perhaps circumstances were not quite right .....

Over the course of the next three years I systematically eliminated substances and 'things' of abuse from my sphere of experience . I went from reading Huxley and Watts , to Nagarjuna and the Norbu's . Unfortunately , as it seems, fundamentalism of any type is not my path .
After sharing a cannabis filled pipe with a friend a month or so ago a spark was rekindled, the existential questions and unending polemical dialectics seemed to fade , there was an intensity in freedom from this suffering that was unmatched from sitting down .

I realized I had become attached to the path , I saw the Dharma as the only way to freedom , saw everyone else as deluded ... yet here I am... in the midst of the greatest delusion of all .

I'm sure this is an all too common story , so to save you from any more existential philosophizing I will bring things to an end . I would like to thank everyone whom contributes to places such as these , for that which is beyond words requires many fingers . For me , I am reentering into this domain with the intention to continue my exploration into the unknown , for the alleviation of my own and others suffering .

Much love to you all
"My religion is not deceiving myself"
-Jetsun Milarepa

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pseudofakee wrote:
...I am reentering into this domain with the intention to continue my exploration into the unknown , for the alleviation of my own and others suffering.

A golden intention Thumbs up Wishing you success in the process.
But the path can be very unpredictable in it's results along the way, adaptation is a virtue of a good sailor.


#3 Posted : 1/11/2019 4:24:03 PM

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Hey mate, I'm a bit the same. For that which is beyond words I can only offer four fingers, a thumb and a palm but it's always there if it's needed. Usually suits me being beyond words as I'm more of a thinker than a conversationalist anyway. Sometimes I do find that it is refreshing to slip back in with all of the deluded people and relish in the delusion if only to take a break from a path I walk freely but can never truly leave. I hope you find a path worth walking that is both new and like the way back home so when you do find those that are suffering and in need you can easily wander off with them to help them find their way without ever loosing yours.
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