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I'm sure most of you psychedelic enthusiasts regularly maintain a journal where you write down your trips and insights. These past months I have been reading material I got since I first ventured in these realms of the mind, the spirit and everything else. And I noticed that my writing style has changed so much since 10 years ago. First I wrote like a captain of a ship, maintaining a log with lots of details on technicalities and trying to describe the best I could, my surroundings and myself. Nowadays I tend to write more like aphorisms and little poems. It is funny how I transitioned from a technician to a novelist, and now to a poet xD

Anyways, the idea that came about was to make some simple animations based on those trip reports, using allegories, fables, etc to make a point, inspired on insights I had with those experiences. But constructing a proper story with different characters and stuff. So now I'm doing some short stand-alone stories to refine my drawing and animation. And later on, animated podcasts about world events in light of the psychedelic destiny and episodes for a bigger sci-fi story with psychedelics and spaceships.

If I may post here a link to my last video:
The Legend of the Heart (TTS episode 3)


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