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I had this vision on a rather low dose of acid, somewhere between 70 and 90 mikes. Headed home from a party at night through a near empty city, listening to music... and I felt deeply connected to the source of all life and existence. It's really hard to fully explain the nature of this experience...

I was God, but not in a self-centered way, but rather by realizing that my current viewpoint and frame of reference is merely a focusing of a much wider attention and understanding. It was an incredible feeling, seeing beauty in everything, and being filled with love and gratefulness for the entirety of existence, including those who hurt me in the past. I was in a viewpoint beyond morality, understanding and feeling a deep sorrow for all the evil beings in the world. In particular, I was able to make peace with someone I had some really bad entanglements with long ago, and realized that my real feelings toward this existence are of pure love and a wish to protect and give.

All I wanted was to protect all the little lights of existence, and wrap them in love and security. I remembered how in grade school I liked to draw mazes... and I felt that reality is somewhat like those, cradling life in concentric layers of complexity to protect from the cold darkness of the void. It was an extremely emotional recognition of the core nature of reality being one of love and care.
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