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#1 Posted : 1/2/2019 7:26:28 PM
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been poking around a while and have seen many people talk about 1:1 dmt to vape juice e-cig methods that claim to provide a breakthrough dose in 3-4 puffs. seems like most of these are using wicked tanks and nobody has mentioned the juice being too thick even though at room temp it seems to be considerably more viscous than i see in cannabis oil cartridges.

even using a wickless cartridge specified for thicker oils i can't get more than a little bit of vapor out of these cartridges and i've cut the dmt to e-juice ratio in half and gone from a standard 510 pen style battery to a higher voltage battery designed to handle these tanks and viscosity of oil.

what is going wrong? i know these things work but i can't seem to figure out where things are going wrong. i hesitate to reduce the ratio any further so unless the battery is still just too weak for a solid hit, i'm lost. input appreciated!

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