Kilindi Iyi may be right - the connection of shrooms and DMT Options
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As a winter solstice ritual, I took 2.4 grams of very potent self-grown Cubes, and drank them via the lemon tek. (Powder the mushrooms, pour lemon juice on them, wait 20 minutes, drink/eat.) As 'allies' I took around .4g of cannabis baked in butter, and tea from two teaspoons of freshly powdered lemon balm and St. John's wort.

It was a very healing experience, as well-organized shroom-with-cannabis trips tend to be for me in general. I communed with myself, looked into childhood hurts, embryonic traumas - I had the feeling / realization that I originally had a twin when we were only a few cells, but he kinda stopped growing and got absorbed -, sexual desires and all kinds of similar self-healing stuff.

What's really interesting though is that at the peak of the experience, I had the typical DMT acceleration feeling, the rising carrier wave, and had the sense of the thin shell you break on breakthrough, only I couldn't crack it. I went up against it, multiple times, like a chick trying to break its eggshell, but it was only an 'almost'.

When I first listened to Kilindi Iyi (google him) saying that for him, DMT and high dose mushrooms are indistinguishable, I was wondering what's up with that, but this really felt like he might be right. (He uses doses around ~30 gram dried.) This really WAS almost a full-on hyperspace trip. So I definitely have the feeling now that this is a direction worthy of exploration.
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Psilocybin in mushrooms gets metabolized into psilocin, which is 4-HO-DMT. That molecule is DMT with an added OH group. Whilst slight differences in molecular structure can make a huge difference in terms of biological interaction, the fact it is basically DMT with one extra OH group shows I think why it feels like the two experiences are remarkably similar or the same.

From personal experience I get the same feeling between the two. I don't think hyperspace belongs to either of the two substances, rather DMT helps trigger or facilitate a shift of attention towards a dimension or potential perceptual data streams that are always there but we can't normally perceive.

There's been a couple of times when I smoked some top notch cannabis, like a stupid massive cone all to myself after being totally clean of everything for a long time, and that put me close to that same hyperspace. It felt different, like the differing metabolites of the cannabis somehow tint or filter the experience, but I could sense the same 'space' underneath the visuals.

I think hyperspace is a mental dimension, which has some relation to a physiological mechanism in the body/brain/mind which can be triggered by many substances and other methods - I've been there through meditation whilst sober for example.

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Hi PsyDuck!Smile Reconnecting with the memory of your long lost twin sounds cool!
Yesterday I also took 2.5 grams of a Matias Romero shroom, together with 200mg hcl harmaline and a joint. Woa, so similar to dmt, even brokethrough with dmt visuals during short seconds.
The mushroom is amazing!Love
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i am absolutely in love with psilocybin. Incredible at small doses as a heart-opening energetic substance, and at high doses for me it is very much similar to hyperspace.

I think this comes from a familiarity with hyperspace. When my psychedelic experience consisted of LSD and mushrooms, I felt the two of them to be very similar. Now that I know what DMT is I have found that psilo is very much alike to it. I have never "broken through" with them, but have hung out in the antechamber with mushies...
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Thanks for relating to my experience, null24, FranLover. Smile

Null24, I'm really curious how large are the "large doses" of mushrooms you usually take, and if you've ever tried the lemon soak tek? It's my subjective experience that using the lemon tek, the come-up is faster, and more reminiscent of the DMT resonant acceleration. Smile

ps. FranLover, nice to hear of another person who likes Matias Romeros. One of my favorite cube varieties. Very happy
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