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1uvakind wrote:
Trippin on deez wrote:
3rd pull dried this morning using his Tek. The previous 2 weren't weighed because honestly I wasn't concerned. Out of curiosity I weighed the 3rd pull which looked slightly less than the previous 2 and yeilded 447mg and just as clean as the others. Honestly I wasn't expecting that on the 3rd pull but, as I said before this is my first extraction attempt and believe I was blessed with high quality MHRB powder and Tek. Where would you draw the line as far as tossing the material? If my 4th yeilds 300mg would it warrant a 5th? The only thing I changed is 4-6hrs into the freezer I rotate the dish 180° to get the spice out of the naptha and leave it in there for another 4-6hrs. I'm blown away by the ease of this tek and quality of the spice.

My 4th pull was still in the 400mg range.. So i tried a 5th...jus specs... Maybe 20-30mgs...tried a 6th jus for curiosity... Jus specs n mainly yellowish...I then tossed the material... Emailed Gordo n he said it does jus "abruptly stops" after 4-5 pulls n said 4 is all youll usually get n then the mix is "spent"

Idk what ur doin man... Sorry tho... I follow the Tek verbatim n i mean literally every move he makes in the video i perform the exact same way... If ur doin that n gettin poor return the only thing i can figure is low quality bark... Do EVERYTHING EXACTLY as he does in the video... N if ur bark is of good quality you should get the same results... I did... N im no chemist by any means but i can follow instructions... Thats what i did n i get 2grams'ish from 100gs of bark every time... Good luck... 👽✌

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Has anyone had experience doing all their pulls on the same day? Any noticeable impact on the yield?
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