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#1 Posted : 9/6/2018 11:38:26 AM

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Hello everyone,

I used to prefer freebase DMT over changa which i do realize now is only because the changa i made before was not really thought out. Since i had no idea which plants to choose and add to the mix i started a changa diary to document the effects i got with different plants admixtures.

I am not sure how often i will get to update this in the future, but everyone, please feel free to add your own entries in this diary.

1 - (i label my mixes by number)

200mg Nana Mint infused with 10x caapi
200mg Blue Lotus
200mg FB DMT

150mg consumed with GVG

*the nana mint is very pleasant to vape and has a slight soothing taste to it
*the onset was gentle and took about 3 to 4 times longer than FB DMT
*the room was quite dark when i tested it, but everything had a certain warmth to it. i think i could describe it as similar to a sepia filter but with more saturation and vibrance


220mg Peppermint
220mg FB DMT
80mg FB Harmine

120mg consumed with GVG

*Peppermint is very soothing and a little bit cooling when vaped
*this was the first changa i made without caapi, only then i noticed how much i do not like the caapi taste
*onset was way more quickly then with changa 1 but still not as steep as with FB DMT
*the body load was intense, i felt like i was pressed into my couch for about 50 minutes.
*the peak was over rather quickly but from about 50% intensity to baseline it took way longer then anything I ever tried before


300mg sage
300mg FB DMT
80mg FB harmine

125mg consumed with GVG

*sage seems to be almost tasteless when vaped but the smoke is peasant to inhale
*onset speed was about average
*the trip itself was very clear, almost like FB DMT, i could not perceive any color tints like with changa 1
*i had zero body load
*the first 2 tokes i took from the pipe had me tripping for 10 minutes, i then took another 2 which suprised me as i was tripping for another 30 minutes from them, the second 2 tokes especially came over me in waves every few minutes
*after this trip i felt very energized - way more then i am used to with change, almost like i feel like when i smoke FB DMT when i do it in a bright and sunlit environment


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#2 Posted : 10/31/2018 12:01:15 PM

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I would be curious to hear comparisons of the experience GVG vs. Bong. I have avoided changa in the GVG since the harmalas need a higher temp. I have been smoalking mainly changa until last night. I was recrystallizing some old spice from various extraction experiments and had this one little stash left of shards I had extracted in 2014 that looked unchanged over time compared to my other leftovers. Shocked It was super potent! I def prefer the additional harmalas over plain FB
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#3 Posted : 10/31/2018 5:01:52 PM

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unfortunately i do not own a bong - tried it once with weed, went puking, got a cab to drive me home...
but as far as i can say the changa i made works great with the GVG but as you wrote a comparison would be nice.

i know at least some of the users around here smoke their changa in the GVG, maybe any of them can help out
#4 Posted : 10/31/2018 9:35:46 PM

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I'm also interested in your changa in the GVG approach - so you're vaping it, not combusting.

Using a torch or bic?
What does the vapour look like? ie. clear, wispy or thick and milky like FB
And how about the changa afterwards - is it brown and have you tried combusting it to see if it still contains actives?

I've tried changa in the GVG maybe two or three times and gave up. Everytime I had a mild experience and the changa was still active afterwards. Curious to hear more about how others make it work.

edit: another thing that I've been meaning to try is infusing everything separately and then combining prior to vaping. Eg. make up batches of 1:1 DMT on mullein, 1:1 harmine on mullein, 1:1 harmaline on mullien, 1:1 THH on mullein - mix and match prior to administration. This would be way better for testing purposes IMO.
#5 Posted : 11/1/2018 9:41:32 AM

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i am using a torch with the flame pointing straight down into the top part of the GVG.
the vapor is very thick, even more than with FB. while with FB i get white smoke the changa vapor has a hint of brown-ish color to it. (most of the times)

the changa afterwards is very dark, crumbly. i have not tried combusting it afterwards - but i will try in the future.

i like your idea for testing. but would it even be necessary to infuse harmine/harmaline/THH into something? if you have it in FB form you could just sprinkle it on top of your DMT infused harbs for vaping
#6 Posted : 12/6/2018 12:44:13 PM

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How much of your Changa do you need for a breakthrough with the gvg.

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#7 Posted : 12/6/2018 4:33:38 PM

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i have not broken through on changa so far.
my best guess is that you would need at least 30mg of dmt in your changa for this maybe even 40mg
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