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#1 Posted : 12/6/2018 4:13:15 AM

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I had a chat long ago with someone about the Red road of reaching almost drug-like indused states with-out the use of any drugs

i usually do dose up just a bit sweet mary smoke and reach wild heights

i think that reaching up to a higher state with no use of any drug would make a real hard time to ground back down

Throw your ideas im sure theres lots of them out there
climbing up & grounding back down
would both be appreciate and useful

Reaching almost into sleep and then waking up and boosting with some exercize or music kicks me usually into another level of mind-state
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Dont stare to long at the sun , she might think you are offering her your eye-sight

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I have heard of people depriving themselves from sleep for a long time and in the end they start hallucinating. Same seems to happen when one isolates himself into total darkness for a few days. Absolutely no light. Some African tribes use that method I once read. If I am correct it was in one of Graham Hancock ’s books.

I am not too keen on this methods so I stick to my changa Smile.

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AFAIK, The Wim Hof Method works wonders when it comes to altered states of consciousness. I know a lot of nexians have tried it, and pretty much all of them report amazing results.

I'm yet to try it out, but it's on the list.

Be well. Love
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cant really add anything about methods
i can say ive managed to reach heights ive not visited yet or not been able to reintgrate them back down the hill as this time

also reclarified myself howmuch a state of mind brought on by diffrent drugs
open doors that is possible to re enter them without the drug itself
sort of like keys to locked doors

strangly when i was there it was like ive been there a hundred times befor and everything was new but so familiar that could of been an induced state by something to keep me from losing all my shits
one moment there i got slapped so hard back into the ground and i had a moment to think from a diffrent prespective where ive never experienced this befor and i started laughing so hard
at whats happening

most of the things ive realised i had experienced befor yet forgat about ever having experienced them

and some of them was like i knew they were gonna happen as if i dremt them
then it hit me the last times i tried this i left bread crumbs for myself that later on i deleted but i was sent to recall them
something was really messing with my preception of time specially in the internet realm
changing things and pages and information that is around
and then it took me to a memory and a picture i took of writing the in bible name of god on a few matches as if i challaned it to fight
the name yehuwa in hebrew letters reffers to all that was all that is and all that will be
so i geuss something played me on that
as it went on to take me back to old memories and remix my preception of them in my mind
and it went on to explain how this is a very traditional thing to do out here
where allmost everything that was everything that is and well everything that will be is very much far from truth

mainly the experience of being visited by entitis spirits ☼0L;♥♠^ 6j♠○T☺D@ ÅTë•8ê*♦84☻ Yò#╣☺
or any other name they might of been given i refrein to tag cause some of them were regular ol people

and tags have a tendency to bring in other previously known knowledge that would always be diffrent depends on the person's experience of digging in that tag

some of them when i saw them i could recall the strange vivid dreams ive met them in
some were invisible yet could make sounds
and id dare say almost drip into the physical or atleast make everything thats happening around syncronize so much youll be sure of it
the sound and physical happened only a very few times

they were real visable after a bit of meditation and being in meditive state with open eyes even
i could see the objects in my room take form to create a vivid image of a face or a human figure

one night i woke up and went for a walk outside and sat to try go into a meditive state
and as i was with closed eyelids i sensed this light form on the back of the field of view
strange to explain theres a field of view with closed eyes
it seemed to kind off try to pull my consiousness away
and it scared the hell out of me i was thinking id die and not be able to return to my body
i am thinking now maybe i was partly sleep walking
and the meditation kind off sent me to sleep but i was still awake and i could feel being pulled into a dream and i dident get pulled cause i was awake ?
maybe ive managed almost to climb to somewhere close to a DMT trip and resisted it
not sure if ill find out as
this was way way far from easy

TheEcstasyof TheBushmanisn't necessarily indused by asubstance

Dont stare to long at the sun , she might think you are offering her your eye-sight

והעיקר והעיקר קוקה קולה קר
Do not misunderstand showing respect to a diety for as worshipping it as a god
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