syrian rue verses African rue? Options
#1 Posted : 12/1/2018 8:37:49 PM
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Im in a state that has rue..[african rue] growing all over the desert...

Iv taken [mail order]..syrian rue many times [in safe doses] teas without any harm.. and it greatly enhanced my dmt experiance..

My question african rue more toxic than syrian rue?

I am only on new members site.. because i let my computer remember my [starway6] pass word so long that i forgot it...

any alcaloid diference between the two species?

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Common names are okay when talking about garden vegetables and ornamental flowers but any medicinal or drug plant should be regarded according to its latin name.
Both 'african rue' and 'syrian rue' (as well as its 20 other common names) refer to Peganum harmala, the same species. Investigate the plant and when you positively identify it as Peganum harmala go ahead and do an extraction of a kilo or two of seeds Wink
The only problem caused by leaving pod shells in is having a larger volume of solids to boil and squeeze (so just crushing the pods and boiling the shells with the seeds isn't bad)
If the plant needs to be cleared from an area the vibrant yellow roots can also be productively extracted. The leaves and stems are not worth extracting.

You really will want to confirm its identity, though.
Peganum harmala is listed as a rare noxious weed in your state with only 8 acres of infestation having been found (as of a decade ago, the last time they checked Laughing )
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African rue is the same as syrian rue afaik, perhaps there is difference in scent and alkaloid content and perhaps harmine to harmaline ratio in rue from around the worlnd. It is not clear wether this depends entirely on the red soil type or the climate pattern, or Asia, rue from India is the weakest and rue from (some pockets in) Iran and eastern Turkey is amongst the most well as best.
The only real other peganum is a different peganum genus from China, we think the other listed peganums are not real, they are perhaps Syrian rue that escaped cultivation (it was cultivated to extract red dye) or a baby eatin monster hoax? BTW, we call african rue what the Habbash ppl mix with their coffee (gaaarden rue)..

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