Hemorrhagic brain stroke while smoking DMT - healh and safety issues Options
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While I am not aware of this being DMT specific I do know of two people I have met who have had similar strokes smoking different substances and holding their hits.

That is not to say that what happened in those cases is known with any certainty, however to hold the breath causes a large amount of blood to rush into the brain and increase blood pressure dramatically.

Some people are at increased risk for stroke and alcohol is known to significantly increased the risk of stroke.

According to the Brain Foundation after age 45 the risk of stroke before age 85 is 25% in men and 20% in women. That is 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women statistically will have a stroke between the ages of 45 and 85.

It is important that people try to be familiar with what strokes are and what symptoms are and are able to obtain help as rapidly as possible when they are suspected.
It is a tragic aspect of life.

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It's very hard to understand such events afterwards! Even if a doctor would monitoring them live it would be difficult to determine...
I experienced physical difficulties with drugs since the first flash of cannabis or furthermore the first drunk state or the first nicotine shock....

With tryptamines it's very different to alcohol or nicotine or opioids etc..
Although I died a thousand times on cannabis the level of exhausting is much higher with tryptamines or LSD

The events experienced on these substances especially smoked DMT with a potentially, really harsh and rough "effect curve" are most of the times capable of grabbing or moreover stealing my whole attention, which means I don't recognize breathing enough and also don't recognize dehydrating - I only recognize pure panic if my head or heart starts hurting - it happens like really often when tripping in the past | than I remembered to drink, to calm down, to breathe with all I have - because these states of mind are like overdriving your whole system not only with the biochemical reactions, but also with the psychic components - which tend to make me speechless, sitting there with closed eyes, breathing flat and only on a reflex base, mouth wide open :O

After all sessions over the years I'm more and more able to react to this and recognize sooner and sooner my "spacing out"
I try to drink enough water BEFORE the trip and I'm using "Bioflavonoids" as vaso dilator beforehand, too
With the breathing there is only calming and breathing... doing exercise and workout and stop smoking on a daily base "independent from tripping"...

If all the physical "symptoms", appearing side effects and conditions accumulate in addition to

someone experiencing something that was firsthand reported in such way

Jalaxaposse wrote:

“I was with my mother, I was abandoned”
“My mother wasn’t there to take care of me”
“I was remembering when I was a baby”
“I was raised by my grandmother, I never had a mommy”
“I need a mommy too, I can’t always take care of everyone”
“I’m always the responsible one”
“The trip started off with beautiful colors but then I remembered I was on a trip, on a drug and I felt like I needed to get back but I couldn’t. I was scared I couldn’t get back”

IMHO she was experiencing sheer psychic terror of some really deep manifested traumata's which resulted in a spike that happened so dramatically because of the physical conditions which were simultaneously going "through the roof"
Maybe the point with her mother was something she had suppressed successfully over her whole lifetime and the disarming space shuttle (especially first timer) has confronted her or moreover trapped her, like she described, in this pure terror

I think it would be very important to look after these things even though your mum seems to be tough and healthy, what she probably is, I think someone should take her first "afterwords" serious and may afford/support her healing in this specific type of illness, too.

No one to blame!
I wish your whole family as much health and luck as possible!
I hold your honesty and courage in high esteem!

EDIT: I just wanted to mention that in animal kingdom (sounds stupid, I know) there are many species that have mechanisms that acting as a safeguard and there are also safeguard mechanisms in the animal kingdom that initiate or trigger death itself in an instant - the sloth is one of them if I remember correctly...
So to say there is also a possibility that the drug induced a psychosis or (semi-)schizophrenic episode solely that was in terms of it's context so bad for your mother - something like the "I'm always the responsible"-voice, in your mothers head, was revolting {and although your mother lives a "good life" and had arranged with the "fact" (don't get this wrong) that she's the "I'm always the responsible"-one} and became dominant - she wants to quit the circle and was fighting with all her love to regain her reality for the people for whom she loves to be the "I'm always the responsible"-one...
messy formulation, but should be understandable - but the above seems to be a very regular trip sensation and problem for many people which try psychedelics (also therefore never again)
IMHO the psychic component is at least as important in this case as the stroke and physical conditions which may are also related to her age and the force of DMT
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Thank you so much for sharing this xxx
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Sorry to hear of that tragedy.

Something worth commenting on -- old people are more susceptible to problems from strong drug effects. It is not just a greater risk of potential problems but also a great sensitivity to the effects per dose of a psychedelic drug. When people get older, especially as they grow old, the dose of a hallucinogen required to produce a given level of effects goes down. A quarter or half of what would be considered a normal dose in a younger person might be found to be quite potent in an old person.
Among the older members of the tripping community this is already widely known but clearly it is a subject where much broader awareness is warranted.
While it is probable that what occurred after smoking DMT was due to an underlying, perhaps unappreciated, health condition, this is the reality of getting old. We start wearing out. We lose mass, muscular strength, endurance and the ability to handle strong stressors the same as when we were younger.
This concern can be true for other drugs as well. Stimulants in particular become more dangerous after people get old and start developing cardiovascular and circulatory challenges.
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Wow that’s terrible, hopefully she’s back to full function by now. One thing I’ve read in addition to smoking was an account of IV’d dmt and apparently without any heart issues caused a redline in beat and pressure. The way it was reported was not in a concerned manner but full on frightened. Now that I’m thinking about it I wonder how the John Hopkins studies went in regards to blood pressure etc. I’ve never heard it mentioned.
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