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I've decided to write this post in order to share and accumulate as much info as I can find related to the following planes of existence that I've explored on DMT.

*Interacting with entities/spirits has occurred in both planes*

1. Spirit Guides Plane

The plane that I've explored the most was mainly characterized by a familiar feeling that I've always had when I arrived there.

It always felt like returning home.
The entities were welcoming, friendly, they looked and made me feel as if they were my spirit guides showing me the surroundings. Also, I could have met some old friends from past lives.

I questioned myself if this plane of existence is an other dimension where ''aliens'' live in peaceful and more evolved circumstances.

It might be so, as far as I know, yet I'm also inclined to the possibility of it being an astral plane where certain spirits live, manifest, and in the end, I believe that it's all quite the same truth seen from different perspectives.

Interesting experience in this plane:

I usually burst into laughter as I simply find everything wonderful here.

Once, I've laughed so hard and for so long that doctors and other kind of medical staff came to check if everything's alright with me. (Yes, to my surprise, they exist there too)

They were literally checking out if I went insane or something as I couldn't stop laughing.

Also, some spirit took my amusement in a personal way and found it to be quite rude. He thought that I was laughing at him because he was bald and quite a little over-weight. He proceeded to offend me in some energetical manner.

I forgave him almost instantly and reassured everyone (mostly my spirit guides) that everything is alright. Before I knew, they already intervened and helped that bald-headed entity walk out of the scene through an instantly created ''emergency exit'' door.

I easily moved on and started laughing again, because, why not?

All in all, was surprised and thankful to discover that what occurred can actually happen in their world too.

Interesting fact about this world

Even though I've thought about jesters and tried to call them, notify them of my presence, they never came in this world.

In the Spirit Guides Plane, there are many particularities which remind me of the Astral Plane that I've visited during astral projections.

How and what influences entering this plane of existence?

I always ended up in this plane of existence when I was unsure if I broke through or not, as the intense buzzing sound in my head didn't pass that intensity of ''BOOM you're absolutely no longer human (Enjoy!)''.

2. Jesters Plane / The Mental World:

Here, things definetely become EVEN MORE interesting as everything is further away from the reality that we know and from the astral/spirit guide plane.

Also, everything feels structurally different.

If I'd have to characterize this plane in one sentence, I'd simply say that it feels way more real than reality itself.

How and what influences entering this plane of existence?

The intensity of the breakthrough and how you let go.

Detailed Description:

It's like the ULTRA HD version of reality as we know it, governed by far superior laws which are definetely no longer physical (I believe there are mostly or maybe exclusively mental laws), where highly intelligent entities reside.

Mostly jesters as far as I've met, who, for a matter of fact, laugh their asses off and jump around while materializing objects, teleporting and so on, living the ecstatic life every 9/5 employee could dream of.

And that's it folks! Thank you for reading!

I can't wait to find out about your experiences!

After all, I'm here to learn, like every single one of you!

Peace and love YUPII! Big grin

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