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Liquidreality wrote:

And yes to whoever it was that made the comment regarding schizophrenia. DmT, more than any other psychedelic, has often left me with the distinct feeling of "this is what schizophrenia must be like". Whether or not that thought is a product of the typical warnings regarding the triggering of mental disorders by psychedelic experiences is up for debate I suppose.

I've been reading a lot of old reports from years past on this forum. There are people who have real difficulties from the drug.

There seem to be a couple of users whose overall experiences, were quite negative. Although whether these were caused directly by the DMT use is not completely clear,.

For example, there's a very interesting user here called AstraLex whose reports I read. He appears to have brought the "entities" back from his trips with him as voices in his head, and seems to have spent months talking to them. Eventually he concludes they are demons and seems to have recovered, with the help of religion.

Interpreting them as "demons" seems to have been helpful for his health, as it allowed him to get some distance from them.

He writes well and seems to be a very intelligent guy.


Unconnected to any drug use. At university, I had a friend who came down with schizophrenia in his first year (when he was 18 years old). He was a maths genius and studying very seriously, but then suddenly he had an episode where he disappeared for days, and woke up in a field somewhere, after being in a "complete dream world" (i.e. hyperspace). After that, he had voices permanently in his head. He got diagnosed and had to take a year off. This sounds almost identical to what a couple of users here were going through.

With DMT and other psychedelics, I think we can see an experience similar to "bicameralism" - where we are able to experience parts of our mind as being external to ourselves.

Although this perhaps belittles the experience, which shows us just how vast and bizarre our mind actually is. I'm not a complete materialist, and believe in things like afterlife and re-incarnation.

Nonetheless, these perceptions - like "demons" and the potential for complete evil - seem very much to be part of our own soul, and something which it is almost healthy to become aware of.

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the doc suggested me when i start beliving things that no one in their right mind would belive just to jump over to the left and laugh about it

ill read up more soon and maybe edit and add later on
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I had briefly looked into bicameralism after viewing the Westworld episode tilted "The Bicameral Mind". Great show that I can't seem to get people in my immediate circle into watching, perhaps because of a tendency to take things at face value, which I completely understand. Their loss I suppose.

Reading through some of the thread you posted ajlala, it sounds vaguely similar to the book I am reading about the 16th century magician John Dee, though I was at work while reading the thread and will revisit it when I have time.

You've given me much to think about, and I thank you for that.
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