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#1 Posted : 11/4/2018 4:07:11 AM

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Last Spring I created medicine with MG seeds and hibiscus. The idea occurred that hibiscus is acidic and perhaps one can extract MG seeds with hibiscus tea. So I tried this with a mix of pearly gate and flying saucer seeds. The effect was remarkably similar to ayahuasca. The energies of the two plants synergize perfectly for me. I recommend it to everyone.

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#2 Posted : 11/11/2018 7:44:43 PM

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My active MG were a aflower when the first frost hit. I picked all the fresh pods I could. Only one has viable seed the rest I will ash up and do a CWE with tea and after extracting put a dash of everclear to preserve it in an amber bottle :-)

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#3 Posted : 11/12/2018 8:58:54 AM
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My active MG were a aflower when the first frost hit. I picked all the fresh pods I could.

You know that the green plant material itself would have been almost as potent as the seeds themselves? E.g. Gröger measured about 1/4th the potency by weight compared to seeds.
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Thanks, does the hibiscus have a psychoactive effect in itself?

As for compatibility with morning glory seeds, SWIM recommends nicotine gum after the peak (if you want to reduce the introspective thinking).
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