Is REAL physical healing possible with dmt and or Ayahuasca? Options
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Sorry for my sarcasm but the one-liner was sooooo powerful without any detailing what it is about. Thank you for being more specific now, you've brought no link but the thread was easy to find.

From this very thread:
tango wrote:
...I can say that mushrooms will induce the realest physical healing you can conceive, regardless of how strict your definition of that may be.

From the other thread you refer too:
tango wrote:
...Finally, mushrooms became part of this journey some time around year 3, and have been a trusted companion ever since.

But here not one word that mushies caused a form of healing, only being a "companion". So the story how the mushies became healers is not brought forth so far Wink


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The only real (as far as anything can be called real) account of physical healing as a result of a journey I can think of is Anthony's phenomenal story A YEAR OF JUNGLE STEWING...

It is by far the most amazing journey I've ever read about, and has made me cry on several occasions. Read through it. Maybe Mother Aya holds the answers to your questions. You just have to ask them the right way.

Be well. Love
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There are things I need to heal, things doctors can't fix and I can't afford to have them even try. Truth be told, this is my main motivation for trying DMT. This is pretty much my last hope in life.
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