Stellar Elusive Entity Digitalization Options
#1 Posted : 9/27/2018 3:10:11 PM

Neō KyK ĖntheŌnaut

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Hello everyone, I did not really know where to put this but I figured here would be the best place.

I see a strong connection, and not so define separation, between hyperspace and our diurnal lives. The present of the Spîce can be felt in all things natural, all the different beings of nature, from the buzzing sound of the forest to the shimmering surface of the water and the unfathomable depth of the stars.

I was always fascinated with the idea of cyberspace, how it relates to dream, how unrealized is the potential of the way we interact with computers, how we get information with them, how flat and rooted so extremely in written language. I wondered a lot about a non rational and symbolical based form of the internet that would be that more psychedelic and dreamy in the way we could interact with it, more artistic and abstract, more sensory and intuitive though less comforting maybe. The concept is so dazzling and boundless!

Today I had this idea of a simple room/dome that would prolonged the depth of the screen (artificially) where dots would be placed on a dark background. By touching the keyboard and the mouse it would make the dots move on this dome/rotating background, make sound and respond, form geometrical patterns, giving it all a lifefulness quality.

This sprout from watching the stars in the night sky while camping and seeing all those little characters handing things to one another. I think with simple dots and geometry as well as some well dosed illusion we can recreate the feeling we might have while interacting with entities. That in a very reductive and raw way but the experiment triggers me and I don't know how hard the realization of it would be? I have no knowledge in programming.

The idea takes evident inspiration from the work of Panoramical - a game that allows you to modify visual and sonic landscape by moving dots in cubes linked to your game pad's keys.

The linking of dots would create in a way ephemeral constellations - I am also thinking about all of those like me who cannot gaze at the stars in the cities, I think the experience would be enjoyable then too. I think the most complicated part would be to transcribe this lifelike quality to it, give it this intelligent seeming edge. Work on sound could be really interesting to do and experimental as well.

Please respond if the idea lighten some sparks in you Smile


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