The Eternal Dialogue Options
#1 Posted : 8/26/2018 1:16:22 PM

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The sense of familiarity is not restricted to a place in the experience, it can also present itself as the dialogue that is eternal and manifests itself in all humans that are not distracted by the automatic machine of cultural constructs.

McLuhans Fish Analogy: "We don't know who discovered the Water but it wasn't the fish".

It seems that we are, in a similiar fashion, deepely embedded in a substrate of consciousness, that is self referential to a point where it encapsulates itself from the eternal dialogue.

- The eternal dialogue is a mode of information transfer that engages the machine that makes us walk and talk and eat in a very balanced way so what needs to be processed can be processed.

- The eternal dialogue is a condition of existence

- The eternal dialogue presents a truth, that transcends individuality

- The eternal dialogue is familiar because it has happend, is happening and will happen, all which can be experienced in the dialogue itself as time is not bound to this substrate.

- The eternal dialogue is perceived as a lessons, but in reality it is just the truth.

One truth.
Not many.
One that clothes itself in different shades of the machine consciousness so ... it can be understood by it.

But engaging with it only helps to carry the truth over.
It is being built up anyways, just not in individual substrates, necessarly.

People screaming for help, trying to grasp for it. Wanting to talk without knowing they actually want to engage with it. IT that always watches and can't be cheated. IT that is so surprising but only because of our arrogance, that is built into the machine substrate.

Deep Rememberance.
Deep Humility.

All things that are psychic are just part of what's real.

I find the eternal dialogue troubling, because it is hard to accept.

Hard to accept the most natural thing.

That most natural thing that is the most craziest.

with a seemingly autonomous entity after taking DMT?
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i have tried to silence the eternal dialogue, taken by the delusion that it will be enlightenment, just to see all fall into disaster, as truth is denied, becoming silent has no need to shut anything off, even if it is an inner dialogue
moksha is being un-bothered by the truth

Thank you for sharing the wonderful DMT-Nexus with us
it has been an honor being here
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