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#1 Posted : 6/25/2018 4:47:13 AM

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"What you want is any flavor 50/50 pg/vg with no nicotine in it, and depending on how you want your trips, you can go 1g dmt/1ml juice, or 500mg/ml. a 1/1 ratio gives you 1-2 toke breakthrough. 3-4 tokes with 500.

Now, to mix it you have to heat a bit the e-juice by putting a container in hot water. And then dmt dissolves just fine while stirring.

One more thing, you need a sub-ohm tank, 0.6 is just fine"

Is it really that easy to make the solution, ratio then dissolve, put in empty catridge?
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#2 Posted : 6/25/2018 2:37:29 PM

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i would go with a slightly more VG solution - perhaps 60/40 or even 70/30. with some heat it will still dissolve readily. it will vape significantly more smooth with a bit more VG. but other than that, yes; no nicotine. choose any flavor you like. i like custards; some people like menthol or fruit. up to you - no right or wrong.

i have found a fantastic tank for this purpose - the UWELL Crown mini. it is virtually leak-proof and only holds 2ml so you won't have too much juice sitting around in the tank inbetween flights.

keep the spare liquid in the fridge. keeps for a long time - up to 6 months.

#3 Posted : 7/14/2018 6:39:24 AM

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Indeed,it is effectively the most practical way to dose dmt. The amount per hit stays constant due to dispersion in the liquid. It allows for 100s of hits per fill. It's discrete and inconspicuous. The gvg doesn't do that now does it? Pleased

I dissolve the DMT in PG first (no heat required). Then add VG as it VG takes longer for it to dissolve in.

I also like to add slightly more PG than 50/50, that way i don't breathe out any vapour and can tell roughly when most of the DMT has been absorbed (holding about 10-15 seconds).

#4 Posted : 8/10/2018 3:15:02 PM
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I would just say the ammount of hits you take is dependent on your device, your wattage, your hit size and posssibly even your skill. 3-4 tokes to breathgtough for you can be 1 hit breakthrough for someone else or with different vape, or too weak. I think everyone should titrate their concentration individually because of all the possible variables.
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