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Halucinagen [th417]...???/

They were smoking bug spray..but now im reading about bed bugs??Thumbs down

Smoking Bed Bugs to get HIGH - YouTube
Video for whats it like to smoke bug spray?.. tube▶ 1:24
Apr 7, 2014 - Uploaded by The Real FHRITP
People will smoke anything to get high and bed bugs are the new (soon to be illegal) drug. Subscribe to ...


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corection its called ..[.PH417]
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Looks like it was a 2014 April fool's thing. wrote:
However, this story was just a hoax, an April Fool’s Day prank based on an altered version of a real KNXV-TV report from several months earlier on the dangers of “dabbing” (i.e., inhaling butane-extracted hash oil, also known as BHO):

A previous thread seem to arrive at a similar conclusion.
“... (a) psychedelic substance occasionally causes psychotic behaviour in people who have not taken it.”
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Okay,this isn't a FOAF, i swear on a stack of TV guides this happened.

I once rode to the coast with a dude who'd I'd known fora few years, we'd done drugs together during my junky days, but he was too profligate for me to hang out with too often. I can't remember why driving over the mountains with him was a good idea, must've been drugs.

Anyway, guy was a tweaker, which wasn't my thing, and he wasi absolutely wrecked. There were open weeping sores on his face and arms, and he told me these had erupted overnight and he was acting like he had been up for two weeks on the meth because he had shot Raid insecticide the previous night because he wanted to score and couldn't find real s##t. And that it sucked, bad.

He said after one night he was like this, and pieces of the same substance he'd injected were now working their way out of his body. Fun times.

His story, and I've heard this repeated (I'm not editing anything out, this is what he told me, if anyone tries this let me know and I'll make sure your Darwin award arrives in the mail) was as thus: he took a car battery and hooked it up to a metal window screen with alligator clips (he said both poles?) and sprayed the aforementioned brand of bug spray upon it liberally. He then collected some crystalline substance that was water soluble from the screen, and voila, he's picking small bits of hallucinatory material from his face the next morning.

I must've been high, in fact it's a surety, and i don't remember much else from that trip. I know we had an argument (duh) and i have a vague memory of hitch hiking home...

So he could have been full of it, it's not like meth junkies lie or anything, i wouldn't put it past one to say they'd done something like shoot up bug spray to cover up the actual fact of having actually scored and actually done actual meth, but i knew this dude well enough on a street level to think he actually did it.

Oh, he died a long time ago, btw, another addict who disappeared.

EDIT: OCT/19/2018Sad in this article they are mixing the result -"crystallized wasp spray" with meth instead of ingesting it alone...still incredibly f***ed to do so knowingly.wasping-teens-using-wasp-killer-to-get-high
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