Precipitation in used Toluene bottles useful? Options
#1 Posted : 7/6/2018 11:07:14 AM

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I kept the used solvent after a FASA extraction on some MHRB done with Toluene thinking I would clean and reuse it. Never got around to that but noticed now some crystals on the sides and bottoms of the bottles. As I am not a chemist I was wondering if this might be some spice and how would I be able to test for that? I was thinking scraping it loose and then washing with some FASA. The one on the left is whitish while the others are definitely yellow and consistent with a more "jungle" result from using Toluene as the solvent. The whitish precipitate is in a drier bottle and it definitely has some spice aroma. The other two have just been decanted so the Toluene/Acetone smell is too strong to tell.

Any idea on how to confirm if this is indeed spice and if so how to best retrieve it?

merkin attached the following image(s):
precipitation.jpg (706kb) downloaded 31 time(s).

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#2 Posted : 7/6/2018 7:43:37 PM

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Without access to reagents or chromatography,burn, melt and smell tests?

Retrieve via solvent, freeze precip or evap, yes? Then a mini a/b re-x?

EDIT: FASA would result in a salt precipitating, right? Then retrieval would be a mini a/b that would in effect clean and re-x? I have no experience with the FASA chemistry route.
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Yes, well obviously none of that gear! I was thinking more on the lines of logic - as in: what else would be likely to precipitate as little bundles of crystals from that solvent given its use in the FASA process? I scraped up the one on the left and cleaned it with acetone and its pretty identical in look and feel to the rest of the d-fumarate. I will store separately and bioassay - its only just over .1g. The bigger yellow crystals definitely have both a spice look and smell so I will keep them separate.
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