details of clasic FASA Options
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Hello Nexians.
Swim was starting to try this method and found some uncertain things for instance he found different rates of fumaric dissolving into A. for instance if it is 7 mg then 42 ml would need to bound one of spice, i also found of 20 mg which is quit different. Anyway, he mate toluene washes of STB soup, collected all washes and droping fasa (it was painful to make it from serynge, with pipete would longer so he made a stopper into serynge to drop just filling with new fasa but at final it drop very rare) at first time he guess messed up because unvoluntarlly he drop more not dropping. second trial was better improved with paper filter putting inside of serynge. After 3 days swim found on the bottom a large cristaline rock, not like some form or something define. On the second attempt after 3 hours of dropping fasa some small crystals was formed on wall of the jar and become cloudy.
So he is curious about some little details :
how often to drop fasa, the system what swim was used it was between 3-5 sec then dropping was slower it took 5 hours of dropping 40 ml.he also combined all pulls from 150 mhrb in one jar, from which he documented he should put a lot more, but on last drops no clouding forming and solution become clearer at surface and cloudy at bottom.
another thing that swim found problematic was acetone or ipa washes of final carbonate powder ( he was thinking if anybody was trying to put epsom salt to bind water from the mix he will filter all solvents before evaporating) at all his drying methods when was evaporating there was a little water (which he saved in a serynge, theoretically freebase should not be present in water) and evaporating with fan was so long time because of water after he left with a oil which after 5 hours of drying starting to crystalize (he was harry and dissolved all in naphta and evaporated it) at this point swim was wondering if at carbonate stage could be used naphta instead of ipa or acetone which he found more problematic. anyway the total yeld was so low,,,,,he for sore was doing smt wrong
He is wonder if the container with crystalization of fasa in a toluene in process after a day can be shaken then leaving more days...
Swim saw somewhere a method of cleaning fumarates with hot ipa then puting on the freezer and he cannot find it anymore, he is interested if it works.

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