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The Alchemist's Transmutational Anointing Oil

Here is a piece I wrote about making home-made anointing oil that combines the transmutational power of Sulfur with intention re-enforced with astrology.

It goes good with knowledge of current astrological alignments, and your astrological birth chart. You can get your Natal Chart for free at

Sulfur is one of Alchemy's greatest allies and is a fire element that has been used for ages for powerful physical and spiritual transmutations and healings.

Use sulfur to burn away things that no longer serve you.

In this blend we work with DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfur Oxide) which is a form of Sulfur that absorbs into the body readily through the skin and also has proven health properties that have been utilized in Medicine and Veterinary practices for a VERY long time with an extensive history of safety. DMSO is also used pharmaceutcally to deliver compounds into the body through the skin, as it has a unique property of passing right through the skin into the body while bringing other components along with it. This allows it to carry the power and medicine of other essential oils directly into the body for powerful praying and purification.

When making custom Alchemical anointing oil blends, one can use specific plants\oils that correspond to certain planets and/or elements that correlate with ones intention, their astrological birth chart and that correlate with the current astrological arrangements at the time of making it. Here is a cool site that goes into the details of which plants and properties work well with various planets + elements:


I first provide the basic ingredients then go into some brief detail about some of them. Make sure to be mindful of the DMSO (Sulfur) and read the "CAUTION" segment in the "Basics" section as working with sulfur can be very powerful for some people.


Olive Oil
Essential Oils
DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfur Oxide)
Colloidal Silver (or gold, or platinum)


The basic idea is that you can take a 1/2 pint jar and fill it half way up or more with Olive Oil then add 30-100ml of various essential oils depending on you intention. To this, one adds 1 tablespoon of pharmaceutical grade DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfur Oxide) and 1 teaspoon of thick dark Colloidal Silver. This blend is the prayed over using the intentions of the current astrology.

A good general blend is using Frankincense, Myyrh, Lavender and Cedar essential oils. More information on which oils to use are listed below in the "Details" section.

CAUTION: For some people, DMSO can be really strong, even overwhleming. For most people, it is completely fine though. You can try diluting some in a little olive oil then applying it to your skin as a test to see if you have any adverse reactions. It is common to experience a garlic-like taste in your mouth soon after you apply DMSO to the skin. This is normal, it is just the presence of Sulfur transmuting evil.

Applying The Oil:

Start with just a little bit, and rub it on the underside of your wrists and on your third eye.

Gauge your reaction to the DMSO and use more as desired. You can use quite a bit at a time if you'd like.

The Astrological Prayer:

One of the great founders of Alchemy was Peracelsus, an esteemed physician, alchemist, astrologer, esoteric & occult scientist and famed philanthropist. He traveled all over Europe, summoned by royalty and also living a life in service of others often helping and healing the poor, free of charge. He explains how when treating a physical or spiritual ailment that one combination of herbs that works for one person, may not work for another. He also explains that what works for one person today, may not work for them a couple months from now.

This art is further described as having to do with the current astrology, the birth-chart and astrology of the individual, and the association the plants being used have with the current alignments. Timing the astrology with the plants enhances their capacity for spiritual transformation.

Using plants and oil specific to your astrology, in alignment with the current astrology, infused with intention that correlates with the strengths of the current alignments, can be profoundly powerful.

Using various other colloidal metals (gold, platinum, etc) can also be engineered with alignment to the current astrological scenario.

As for the prayer:

Pick a 2 week period, starting with a Full or New Moon, and analyze the current astrology in place during that time. Also see how this correlates with your birth chart. Design a blend that contains oils + elements in resonance with these alignments + your intentions.

Make a specific and astrologically aligned intention and pray over your materials before, during, and after the blending process.

Take your jar of anointing oil and bury it at night during the Full or New Moon.

Keep it buried for 2 weeks, until the next New/Full Moon. Pray over it regularly.

After 2 weeks, during the next Moon, take it out at night and perform a final prayer over it.

Enjoy carefully and mindfully! Smile


DMSO (Dimethl Sulfur Oxide) is classified as "non-toxic" and can be purchased on Amazon although you want to make sure it is listed as "pharmaceutical grade" to ensure purity. Check out the Wiki on DMSO for more information on historical medical and veterinary applications.

Olive Oil is only one of many carrier oils that can be used. I like to use it because on Amazon you can get "Holy Land" Olive Oil grown and processed in Israel/Jerusalem/Bethlehem.

The essential oils can be any blend that is meaningful to you. Investigating the site I linked above can help dial in which ones might be good for your planets, the current astrology, your personal astrology, elements associated with these, and your intention.

A good general blend is using Frankincense, Myyrh, Lavender and Cedar essential oils.

Adding colloidal silver to the mix layers in an additional alchemical touch. Having certain metals in your body increases conductivity and receptivity. Especially gold. Find a good colloidal silver product, one that is thick, dark, and potent. You can also purchase inexpensive devices to make your own colloidals. Silver is an anti-microbial that kills bacteria in the body and has various elemental and Alchemical properties which you can research. You may also choose to work with colloidal gold or platinum instead...

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Using oils like this, especially with DMSO and metals like silver, can be SUPER activating.

You can try varying amounts and potencies of it.

Try a bunch one day, but then definitely try a lot while you are on an entheogen.

One could even use psychoactive essential oils which will get absorbed through the skin.

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Combining various essential oils with the DMSO allows them to be absorbed...

It is worth mentioning, Frankincense is psychoactive and affects ion channels in the brain that have an anti-depressant effect.

Lavender is also said to be psychoactive.

Lemon Essential Oil effects neurotransmitters and stimulates a euphoric mood and energy.

Elemi oil can act as a stimulant.

Nutmeg essential oil can act as a sedative, but should be used with caution, as it can be toxic in high doses.

Other oils have incredible biological properties in the body too, if you do some research!

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Great thread! Thumbs up
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