Canada expected to be first G20 country to legalize marijauana for personal use Options
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Canada is set to give it's citizens back basic freedoms to access nature. Freedoms no government has the right to take away in the first place.

Vote is tomorrow. More details in the link below.


“... (a) psychedelic substance occasionally causes psychotic behaviour in people who have not taken it.”
Excerpt from a McKenna talk transcript / audio.

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Wooo Canada!

I love it how the scientists apparently have no hard data on how it effects people. Laughing

I don't even smoke the stuff, but I'm all for freedom.

Go Canada! Love
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That is great eh!! Go Canada!!

Hopefully the hoser governments of the world take note on what Canada is doing here!

Any government that does not allow it's citizens to smoke weed if they wanna can shove off eh!

Thumbs up

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OK so maybe we should contribute our old slogan to y'all canucks. The Land of the Free© is an anachronism here...

Get out and vote up there!
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It passed, but now it is amendment time. Unfortunately, one of the ammenents is significant,


"One amendment would allow provinces to prohibit home cultivation of cannabis if they so choose, rather than accept the four marijuana plants per dwelling allowed under the bill."

So the passed Bill and ammendmets go back to the house. They will need to accept or reject each one and send that back to the Senate.

The bill has passed though, now it's all about finalizing the ammenents and implementing the new law.

I listened to the debate last night before the vote (stream from the Canadian government).

Those in favor of continued criminalization of a plant where spreading the usual fear and missinformation to suppress freedom, and painted themselves as the saviours of others that did not know any better and could not be trusted with their own choices. They painted themselves as enlightened souls with benevolent concern for otners and doing a great good by limiting their choices (it was VERY sad to hear these fascists geting an applause).

Those in favor of legalization were pointing at the practically of it all (controlling the drug better after legalization, revenues from taxing it, stopping the damage to society from criminalizing peaceful citizens, etc). No one I heard stood up for basic the freedom of personal choice and access to nature. That was very dissapointing.

Overall, a small step forward, but we are far from getting to the bottom of the problem of the war on drugs: (1) recognizing the fundamental freedom of the individual to make their own personal choices and pursue their own happiness by having a relationship with nature, may it be spiritual and/or recreational, and (2) recognizing the fundamental ignorance we have about nature and how ridiculous it is that we would consider ourselves, a part of nature, arrogant enough to have the right to make another part of nature illegal.
“... (a) psychedelic substance occasionally causes psychotic behaviour in people who have not taken it.”
Excerpt from a McKenna talk transcript / audio.
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