Cleaning up coffee and syrian rue Options
#1 Posted : 5/17/2018 12:28:06 AM

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Ok so this is probably one of the more ridiculous questions asked here....

I accidentally combined a jug of brewed coffee with my acidic solution of syrian rue.... Neutral

Does anyone know if there is anyway to remove the coffee chemicals , most importantly the caffeine, or is this a total loss?

Not fun since I had just put in a weeks worth or work and was just about to do one final manske and save the stuff... I have plenty more seeds though.

Anyways, I think caffeine is an alkaloid so I'm guessing it would end up coming out in the final result??

Any input greatly appreciated Very happy

Hope all is well
#2 Posted : 5/17/2018 1:49:40 AM
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One time i tried mixing a bulk Acacia tea (from 100 grams of root) with 100 grams worth of extracted Rue alks, thinking i could precipitate out the DMT in the Rue extract, didn't work (that i noticed) lol, weight was still the same, and the effects were still the same so DMT, even being an alkaloid, didn't get precipitated by the washing soda and wasn't in the extract.

I would say perhaps try re-basing the mixture to precipitate out the freebased extract (which i doubt will have Caffeine or anything else in it), filter out the extract and it should be good to go, you can then re-dissolve it and do your final manske. If anything else does get precipitated into the extract, perhaps give it a try and see what it's like? lol. Which btw, i've had plenty of Caffeine (isolated Caffeine, in sodas) while on Harmalas, it can be pretty potentiated but it doesn't negatively interact with Harmalas ime.
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Caffeine is not a normal alkaloid, it's slightly acidic rather than basic. This means you may well have some luck with either proceeding with the Manske or adding base to precipitate the rue alkaloids.

You most likely will have to go through a few more purification steps in order to get back to the point before having added the coffee.

Washing the acidic mixture with chloroform or DCM would also remove the caffeine and some of the other coffee-related compounds so if that possibility exists for you it would be worth trying before attempting any precipitation of rue alkaloids.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the replies Very happy

Right now I'm reducing the solution a bit and am either going to try mansking or basing and evaluating the results visually to see if they look any different than usual... I am thinking I will try basing first as it is easier and faster..

After that I will most likely mansk whether or not positive results are produced by basing..

Also, I have combined harmalas with caffeine on many occasions , usually in smaller doses, and athough the effects were never terrible, sometimes they were uncomfortable/very uncomfortable . So I try to avoid this although sometimes it end up happening regardless.. What I have noticed is that high doses of dark chocolate almost certainly cause bad effects as does licorice root.

Will report back with results...

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Yes I would also try DCM as this is normally used to extract caffeine. Some dual solvent separation might be of use.

Maybe pH-based precipitation and Manske will help too (caffeine is extremely water soluble so it might stay in solution while harmalas will precipitate).

It also depends how much of each part (coffee, harmala) is present and in which ratios.
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