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Do you believe in telepathy? I had a very weird experience, a couple of days ago: An old friend of me, who i haven't seen in years, has an instagram acount and he makes beautiful pictures. A couple of days ago, i was just thinking about him, and wondered how he is doing. And then i thought of a rainbow. The thought of a rainbow just popped up in my mind.
The next day i was taking a shower, and i suddenly thought about his instagram account. I realy had the idea, or the feeling or intuition that i just hád to see it, and that it would somehow surprise or shock me. I checked it, and Shocked whaaaa!!!...there was a picture of a rainbow, placed just the day before.

Isn't that odd?

with a seemingly autonomous entity after taking DMT?
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I think telepathy is quite normal. It still feels good when these kinds of 'anomalous' experiences occur though!

Stuff like this happens to me quite a lot, it would probably be useful to write it down in a journal when it occurs. Then it would be easier for me to detail some of the many experiences of perceived telepathy for you.

A couple of cases that spring to mind, inarguably less pleasant, were knowing that a girlfriend had cheated on me. Three separate women, separated by six years each time, roughly. Without communicating with them nor anyone else about it, I just knew. On each occasion they were shocked when I told them what I knew. I'm still with the last one, it's like there was a cosmic message that finally got through Wink

Also I have known about people known to me dying before anyone told me about it, in particular one of my old music teachers.

I do get nice telepathy a lot, it's just that these things were more memorable somehow!

This is always spontaneous and not directed remote viewing.
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Yes telepathy exist and i believe in, it's an everyday course, sometimes because i received a message, sometimes because someone send me a message. With friends we experienced telepathy during an acid journey.
I experience oftenly syncronicity (11:11 08:08 ..).

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Can be a selection bias. We tend to focus on patterns while filtering out uninteresting events. It's like thinking a number and then throwing dice, You think and throw 20 times and no matches, then there is a match and - whoa! - telepathy! ...

Just like when people see 11:11 on a clock. It's interesting until you realize you ignored 1000 times you looked on a clock before and it was 12:53, 17:10 ... but we ignored these events and focused on the pattern. Then its plain old statistics, nothing supernatural happening there, just our biased brains making it look so.
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I've got one friend who at times, it seems like we can't get out of each other's head. I'll think of him and immediately get a phone call from him and vice versa. Just like two days ago I'm sitting on my couch youtubing, someone brought up a video game I'm keen to, and sometimes I'll play with my friend. I had the thought "man I could really go for some monster hunter" and within about .5 of a second I'm recievimg a phone call from him and a game invite on my ps4.

It's a joke between us now. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" we willl yell at each other.

I'm of the belief that our brains are .... not necessarily "weak" radios, but particular radios, emitting some sort of odd frequency and vibration. Sometimes we "tune" into other people. I believe this to be why sometimes you have those days where you're waking around the supermarket and for some reason, every single person you look at is already looking at you, or soon after looking at them it's as if they feel it and immediately turn to look at you. That's a whole other thing that could be related. Feeling people looking at you.

So yes. I believe.
“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

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I do believe in telepathy. Sometimes it occurs as if by magic. We can not explain yet how it works.

But for me it is something that is out of human control. It seems to be a single running mechanism. So for example if two people want to read each other ’s mind it doesn’t work. Only when higher cosmic powers want those two persons knowing each others mind, than that will be so.

And what these higher powers are and how they function, I don’t know but I certainly believe they exist.

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I often find it hard to differentiate what I experience of these things as either synchronicty or telepathy. I'd be surprised if anyone who has intimate relationships hasn't experienced some kind of telepathy, I've certainly experienced thinking the same thoughts as my partner and then she will say that she was just thinking about that random topic too. Surely in the modern era people have experienced thinking about someone randomly and they get a call or message from them or see a friend not seen for a long time just after thinking about them only the day before or even 5 minutes before. It is unfortunate that the mechanism behind such phenomena is not adequately understood (to say the least!) because there are times I've really needed to contact someone and had a hard time doing so Laughing

I guess these experiences can be written off as statistical aberrations and a bit of healthy skepticism is good but so is an acknowledgement that no one really knows what's going on and that there is a great mystery at hand for those who will just be still and observe. Different strokes for different folks.
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Telepathic and synchronistic experiences such as described in the OP have become so commonplace for me now that it no longer makes sense to point them out and say, "Oh, look!"

Love is telepathy.

Telepathy is an offshoot of love.

It was humbling to me to realize that many people in my life (mainly women) naturally experience this level of telepathy that was so "whoa" to me when it first started happening.
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Well, yeah. That's a pretty common thing. I've never thought of it as telepathy per say. Just plain old unexplainable cooincidences that fade out of memory after a good nights rest.

We exist within a composite fabric of informational fields of immense quantity and complexity, and to the extent that you are open to light (and everyone of us are) you are likely to be 'catching' fragments of "synchronic discourse" playing out on any one layer/frequency. Think of your head like an antenna and your brain like a radio transistor, attached to the closed circuit network that is your nervous system. Did we invent wifi or did wifi invent us.

But yes, I really just wanted to answer the OP title. Yes I do believe telepathy is achievable. I believe it's a real thing. Of course, I think also there is a spectrum.. to it, and I've never witnessed/experienced telepathy in it's most literal sense.
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It's odd you're asking this question considering your avatar. Wink

There is only this and now. What this is exists as one.
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It happens to me all the time, but I don't call that telepathy, instead I call that synchronicity.
I believe that's what most "spiritual gurus" mean when they say we are all One. Our individual consciousness would be a tiny part of the "God" consciousness, only the mind would separate us from the Source of Consciousness so when we're in a meditative/transe state of consciousness, sometimes we'd get glimpses of what other's would experiment/think...

For example, I'm in presence of self minded people, a thought comes into my mind, and 2-3 seconds later, someone says it.
- Was the thought in the air and we both caught it ?
- Has the thought started in my mind and the other caught it and expressed it before I did ?
- Has the thought started in the other's mind and I caught it before s/he expressed it ?

We'll never know, as it is outside the reach of science (which needs objective phenomenons and this is totally subjective.)
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I don't believe a damn thing.

That said, I have experienced this effect, and other psi phenom, for most of my life and do consider it normal.

This has been studied from every angle materialist science can think of, to no avail, but phenomenologically telepathy, psychokinesis and other "para-normal" events occur on a regular basis. I do not need to see anything written up in a journal, psi can never in my opinion be pinned down into a repeatable experiment or predictable statistic, but it has been experienced enough in my life personally to take it for granted.

I am not concerned with measuring it or identifying its source so much as refining and finding techniques to enhance different aspects. Wouldn't it be great to have some control over telepathy? F### an I-phone, right?!

Practical magic is an excellent vehicle for this in my opinion and there are some esoteric orders that have made particular progress along these lines. That is not to say that it is "magic", but that these are great ways to pull oneself out of the normal in order to expand the consciousness into an effective state for doing psi stuff.

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I don't claim to be a spirtual guru or anything, but It truly depends on ones level of understanding of what they mean.
We are one with the earth.
We are one biologically.
We are one in the quantum field.
We are one collective consciousness.
We are one spirit.
Ultimately we are God being us.
God is infinite and divine consciousness.
There is only this and now. What this is exists as one.
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I cant claim to ever experiencing telepathy myself but I am certain it is an aspect of our existences if we can seek its attainment and be aware of its application. If not we may likely be experiencing it regularly without our own awareness.
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Believe... rofl... nice one...

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Living with my GF over 6 years and i got used that she predicts things/telling words im just reading, saying things i want to say etc. Basically she is 11 in numerology and i could go on and on but somehow it jus got part of my life so it become something normal.
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