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No, I never tested them. They were pretty strong, and defiantly amazing, but no more than any clear needle structured xtal. Is that possible? Them being salts? Keep in mind, I only get these from the first two pulls, and its the only structure to show up. It seems they only come when its really saturated.

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DMT and unknown alkaloid fumarates from a.longifolia branches.

DreaMTripper attached the following image(s):
P1020396.JPG (6,359kb) downloaded 438 time(s).
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When purity of the materila is very highthese diamond, solid shapes form thats what I found. And they seem to be stronger in experience, but I don't wanna start this discussion again Smile

I am recently much more into TOAD magic / 5 MeO DMT btw. which is surely not really visual but showing us much more how we can change the world. With Love. We're using the Toad magic on our weekends very very successfull. (

But I would never try to extract the magic from the Toad secretion though. Its magic in itself.

I have found that adding 20mgs of DMT to the Toad secretion makes the experience more smooth and gentle at the beginning which helps to calm down and give better into the 5 MeO experience.

Be Love everyone <3
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Alright I'm going to contribute to the research of my friend CF.

I've done a recrystallization on 1g of my MHRB Q21 Fluffly product split in 2x 500mg groups.

Each step was exactly the same and I've used 40° Wundbenzin for the one group and 40° Hexane for the other.

What I noticed was that the Hexane dissolved the 500mg of DMT extremely quick after about 8ml.
It dissolved quickly but it also recrystallized extremely fast at the bottom while I was still working with the product.
I did not notice any layers of oil that I'm going to talk about later with the Wundbenzin.
After finishing the process I let the "leftovers" evaporate while leaving the Hexane cooling to roomtemperature for 12 hours before putting it for 12 hours inside the fridge and then transferring it to the freezer for 4 days.

"Leftovers" from the recrystallization

Hexane crystals

I've done the same process with the Wundbenzin but noticed a seperation of oils after adding the warm Wundbenzin to the product and letting it rest. I needed almost 25ml of Wundbenzin to dissolve 500mg of DMT. It also took a lot longer and looked like I was dissolving a fizzy/carbon tablet. I've only picked up the upper part of the solution and these are the results.


Wundbenzin crystals

So does anybody have an idea what the oil could be that refuses to evaporate and that's left in my Wundbenzin recrystallization?
I think it's pretty interesting how the same process with two different chemicals can produce such different results.
The crystals are significantly different and I'll try to take a better picture of them soon.
I'm left with little diamonds, shark tooths, honeycombs and icebergs.

Chime in and let me know what I can change, experiment with.

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Dear, your pics are not there, please upload them again...
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biopsylo wrote:
i want to shrink myself to 1/2 the size of one of those 'diamonds' and chop it up with a light saber

Hahahahaha and more hahahaahh moooore hahahahaahah
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Eaglepath wrote:
biopsylo wrote:
i want to shrink myself to 1/2 the size of one of those 'diamonds' and chop it up with a light saber

Hahahahaha and more hahahaahh moooore hahahahaahah

Came here this morning to see the active discussions entirely populated with one line lol style posts from you eaglepath. Padding your post number is not necessary nor will it help you gain anything.

I feel you just polluted the nexus with a whole bunch of unnecessary posts that only serve you in your mindThumbs down .

Not cool. Leaving until some good stuff from others appears. Have a swell day.
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