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Hey guys. I recently joined this community and got upgraded to member status. This is a combination of an introduction, an experience report and a life changing experience I had.
To be honest, my life has been one continuous experience report but the best place to start was about 15 years ago that permanently changed me forever. I was with a lifelong friend of mine at a small get together. We had both taken just a couple hits of LSD and about 3 grams of mushrooms each, not much.
An hour later a couple of guys showed up with a tank of medical grade nitrous oxide they had stolen. Yes, they were completely insane but none the less, we couldn't let it go to waste.
Both my friend and I have had plenty of experiences with dropping acid and huffing nitrous in the past. It's what I call an LSD breakthrough. We get our balloons ready and fill them up and both sit down in chairs next to each other. We both began breathing into the balloon and back into it. How this works is kind of like a DMT break thru, just different. You inhale and at some point, you become completely obliterated.
When I did this, I lost touch with reality. I saw myself inside of a red bubble. It looked like I was spiraling around in space and then I noticed there were other people that were in red bubbles as well. I saw that we are all connected to each other by a DNA chain. We all live inside our own bubble of the chain in an endless spiral. I could see that we all play this game of pointing the finger, judging and measuring each other. When I realized this a light shined over me and I knew at that point that if I wanted to know the truth I had to let go of who and what I thought I was. I had to put my ego to the side and shut the fuck up and stop fighting and pointing my finger and judging others. I had to let go and accept that we are all truly one and to love unconditionally.
I surrendered to the light at that incredible moment and when I did, I became one with it. It was like being inside a cloud of consciousness. I no longer had a body. I was simply consciousness. I could sense that I was not alone in this consciousness. We all are. We are a collective consciousness. A unity of one Infinite consciousness. A feeling of peace came over me and I realized that the human me never really existed and all the pain and fear I had experienced never really happened. My life as a human had ceased to exist.
At some point during the experience my perception shifted. I remember looking down into a quantum field. It was like an endless black ocean of waves. I could see how illusory this reality we call life is. I was the shape of a body but not flesh and blood. I was made of vibrating red energy that looked as what I would imagine molecules or atoms look. I was surrounded by a force field of glowing red energy. The word eternal kept flashing thru my mind and I realized that we are eternal, and that time didn’t really exist. I say "I”, but it wasn't me. It was my true self. The divine energy that we all truly are. The soul.
At that moment I woke up back in this reality as me. I was completely fucking shocked. What I had just experienced was so earth shattering and it defied all logic. I remember just sitting there with my eyes wide open trying to make sense of what had just happened. My friend was trying to get my attention at that time. He kept saying ‘Dude, you don't know what just happened to me.”
Friend - You don't know what just happened to me.”
Me - No dude you don't understand what happened to me!
He was getting on my nerves because I thought he was just freaking out about some weird visuals he had, and I needed a second to just sit there because I was still in absolute shock and trying to make sense of what I had just experienced.

Friend - You’re not listening to me.
Me - Dude what? What? What do you want?

Then he grabbed my arm and looked at me and he said………………………….

Thanks for reading. Love you guys. Happy travels.
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Congrats on the promotion. Smile

Sounds like quite the combination, though I'm glad the experience brought about what it did.

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ETERNAL wrote:
Then he grabbed my arm and looked at me and he said………………………….


Sums it up for me. Glad to hear it brother. Enjoy <3

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