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I had a very vivid dream a couple weeks back. I dreamt I was being stalked by a jaguar. I ran and did everything I could to escape being it's prey. In the end the jaguar had me backed into a corner and was near enough to kill me. I awoke just before the attack. I was trembling a bit and was shocked at just how real it all felt to me. I could not get back to sleep right away so I decided to look up some dream interpretations.

I found that when you dream of a jaguar attacking you that it meant that someone close to you was going to sabotage you. Another interpretation stated that your boss or employer would sabotage you.

Low and behold, that is exactly what happened. The owner of the company I work for sold out to a corporation very suddenly. Everyone that worked for this company felt swindled and let down. I have since moved on and already found another job. Some others have express such a deep feeling of being sabotaged that I could not help but remember the dream I had and it's interpretation.

I have never had anything like this happen before. There was absolutely no indication that the owner was going to do what he did. I mean the interpretation was exactly spot on. I never really thought too much about dreams and their interpretations until now. Perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye. It can't just be coincidence... can it?

Anyhow... I will be paying much more attention to my dreams from now on. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience like this? I would love to hear about it.

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