has anyhone ever seen this room Options
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The soul does not walk, it soars.

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Oh yes!
You are up & walking around just fine, your just seeing a completely different world.

And if your about to walk off of a building, that's no problem...cause you can fly too!!
Also, the ground is made of cotton candy so it wouldn't hurt you if you fell anyway...just taste delicious!

Rolling eyes
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I have a friend whom the last time he experienced the spice (50mg) which he described as a breakthrough afterwards - he instantly got up and tumbled around - clearly being in another place . (that is not too unusual for him)

It wouldnt be possible for me - but for some it is .
Had he more quickly realized just who they were,he would have shown them more respect.Had he tried harder to fathom their brilliant minds,he would have taken more of their teachings to heart.Had he more clearly understood the purpose of their being,
he would have more vigorously tried to assist them.They were truly honorable; he was sadly prejudiced.
They were exceedingly well informed; he was grossly ignorant.They were totally indefatigable; he so often, and so quickly,gave up. Still, for many years there was a strong inter-species alliance between the Eleven-Eleven of the Half-way Realm, their Seraphic Associates,and their flesh-and-blood friend, a common mortal. Much was accomplished, many profited, and, there’s only one regret...They could have achieved so much more...

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Getting back to the art. That is all some really cool stuff!! I saw some work recently at an Alex Grey show that was remarkably similar to breakthrough OEV's that I get. It wasn't Grey's work, it was co-hosting artist. I need to try and find his name and work. I shall go search now! Smile

Droplet! That's one hell of a "rough sketch"! Nice work. I really wish I had that talent. Stick figures just don't convey the depth and vastness of hyperspace very well... Laughing

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The only "walking" i have done on spice was to jump up mid-3rd hit and run my ass to the bathroom. Longest Pee ive ever taken. Farthest pee ive taken from home too. I travelled fast and far with that one. Razz
Lets go extract something together Smile

house wrote:
19:10:05 ‹house› mama aya gave me lego man eye healers

Smoke Spice, NOW

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I have not been in a room with a crystal exactly, but a dark room with this strange impossible light in the middle. and maybe 10 or so beings around the light entering in and out of the dimension
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awesome thread!
some of my trip art.

I'm not sure if I'm indecisive or not.
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WSaged wrote:
Then this strikes me as familiar, but not necessarily the little guy in the picture exactly, but the sharpness & aesthetic of that "place" & the "beings" in it.


I feel like the way the big hand in the picture looks is how my hands have looked while on spice in terms of consistency and texture. That kinda doughy, putty-like quality to them. Also in terms of the whole crystal room thing, I haven't quite seen what's in that seashell picture, but I've been in what seems to be like these crystal caverns with colorful glowing geometries everywhere.
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i've seen the shell thing with light coming out of it. seems like you go into it at some point.

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i've seen the shell thing with light coming out of it. seems like you go into it at some point.

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"The mind is devoid of mind,
For the nature of mind is clear light."
From the Eight Thousand Verse Prajñāparamitā

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The shell room reminds me of a very similar room, only this one has a bulbous shining crystalline brain thing in the middle with a spherical crystal shield and various connections going into it, and I'm pretty certain that brain kinda is our reality, or the server it runs on, or my brain (which may be the same thing) or whatev.

Only I think the walls are also kinda bright, or crystalline, but probably not exactly black. I think I'd remember if it was black.
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