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#1 Posted : 1/1/2018 2:53:14 PM

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Hey Everyone,

Happy new year! Just checking in to tell you how I have changed since I’ve been gone.

My last use of DMT (and any drug stronger than caffeine) was mid-December 2015, after which I destroyed all my extracted spice. I was active on this site, especially in chat, for several months prior to that decision.
Well...I took SSRI’s the entire year of 2017, but am off them now.

One reason for using DMT was to try to address mental problems, particularly with my sexuality. As some of you may know, I grew up in a fundamentalist-Christian household, was programmed what to believe, and tended to view things heavily as black and white rather than a spectrum.

I decided to go to therapy in June 2016 with the goal, of all things, to quit masturbation (my church never talks about it, but they say it’d sinful).
It has changed my life. I am no longer a religious know it all. I have moved out of my parents’ house and am doing what I love full-time. Heck, I even got into my first dating relationship by the end of 2016.
And I am sorry for being an asshole at times on here in the past, please forgive me and let’s start fresh 2018.

Why am I back here? Well, I’m thinking of trying DMT again with my new mindset and situation. I am also starting to love plants, so I’m looking to grow my own DMT trees/vines someday. (Am interested in indoor cacti cultivation).

Do I want to get messed up/high? No. I wish I could explore hyperspace without the barrage of neurotransmitter rearrangement/depletion. I am off caffeine now due to my extreme stimulant sensitivity. So if I were to do this, it would have to be extremely well planned/not rushed.

My life is already dynamic and intense enough: I am glad to live in a solid reality where walls don’t dissolve, etc. But there is something about the beauty and mystery of DMT that’s calling me back to take another look.

That’s all, thanks for reading,
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#2 Posted : 1/1/2018 5:48:29 PM

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I remember you. Glad to hear about a positive transformation Thumbs up
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Hey Tom,

Nice to see ya back! I've said it before and I'll say it again, ultimately DMT is just a gateway to cacti cultivation. Wink

I'm curious about your therapy. How exactly did the therapist address that specific concern? Did you go full no-fap, or just come to peace with the ideologies instilled around the behavior?

Anyway, welcome back to the community, glad to hear things have improved so much for ya, and looking forward to seeing some lovely cacti pr0n from your garden. Thumbs up
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#4 Posted : 1/18/2018 4:03:46 PM

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dreamer042 wrote:
ultimately DMT is just a gateway to cacti cultivation. Wink

Rolling eyes
#5 Posted : 1/18/2018 7:28:16 PM

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Hi. As I read your post, all I could think was: This guy needs to look into cactus. I don't think you're going toget as much out of vaping DMT. Maybe an ayahuasca analog... But I'm thinking cactus. Then, I got to the part where you expressed an interest in cultivating. IMO a tea is the first order of business, then cultivate.
Just expressing what I felt from reading your post. Welcome back.
Welcome Home Mister_Niles. We've Been Waiting For You.

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#6 Posted : 1/18/2018 8:37:10 PM

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Hey Tom, great that you're back!

dreamer042 wrote:
ultimately DMT is just a gateway to cacti cultivation.


Thumbs up
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