Psiprocin (4-HO-DPT) and DMT cross tolerance Options
#1 Posted : 12/7/2017 9:32:16 PM

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Hello, fellow psychonauts!

I was searching on information regarding cross tolerance between 4-HO-DPT and DMT online, but could not find anything. Does anyone know if these compounds present any cross tolerance and specifically if using psiprocin say a couple days before oral DMT dosing would cause a significant decrease in the effects produced by the DMT. If you don't know for sure and educated guess would be greatly appreciated Smile
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#2 Posted : 12/8/2017 12:27:20 AM
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Probably wanna do the oral DMT first, and then do the 4-HO-DPT, DMT has no tolerance, other Psychedelics do, so if you took the 4-HO-DPT first and then tried the oral DMT a couple or so days later, DMT would most likely not work or not work as well, i would think.
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