Smoking DMT when you got the Flu is NOT the one Options
#1 Posted : 12/7/2017 10:38:02 AM

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Had a little last off last night and must say its one of the most neutral trips ive had, not sure if it was the cold and flu medicine i took earlier that day but after i exhaled the hit instead of feeling that overwhelming total bliss relaxation feeling i felt stimulated like i just had a line of speed or something, with my eyes open i as tripping HARD floor melting into walls melting into ceiling room etc but the strangest thing when i shut my eyes i saw NOTHING! or very mild and faint patterns but they were barley visible and weak....ive never tripped more with my eyes open that shut before was a different one

Anyway point is DMT when your ill for me is a no go didn't enjoy like i normally do Sad so just have to wait till im better before i get to speak to my inner gnome
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Yes, gnome hunting is best done 100% healthy and fresh. Smile

Even if you don't know you are sick, like with a virus no displaying symptoms yet, it can still have pretty negative consequences with DMT.
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