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#1 Posted : 12/1/2017 12:01:13 AM

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Here's a kind of other way I think which is not mentioned or at least not at the very first pages in this or other sub-forums:

You can often read people saying: just let it sit over night, it will separate.
Actually it may work for most, but this way is much faster.

In chemist laboratories there are a lot of powdered salts used to throw in stuff to make the water sticking to it. Examples are MgSO4 / Na2SO4 / CaCl2 and I guess maybe you heard about it. You put so many into the Solution, until they start flying around like snow drops in a winter storm when you swirl them - as only the ones that fly through your container are without water. If there are all of the added salts sticking at the ground, then there is still water to be absorbed.

So at first when you add MgSO4 (CaCl2 not so good for this) - STIRR all the time or at least every time after you added some - it will instantly get a slimy kind of crap and sink to the bottom. This means it is already collecting water, but gets slimy as there is still a large amount left (if you have a big Emulsion). Now if you add more and more it gets more rocky and you need force to swirl it around through the container. You really have to add more and more until you have the feeling that it is solid - then all the water should be absorbed.


Filter it, no worries, it will be very fast, the salts are not clogging anything.

Bad thing: you may say that possibly there is a little amount of your Naphtha / Toluene / whatever or even Spice shut close inside of this big MgSO4-Balls.
Solution: The filtered Salts which are still sitting on your filtering machine should be spread around it and made flat - then pour more of FRESH solvent through them - not water-solvent, but your unpolar-solvent of course.

This should get any remaining unpolar solvent or Spice out of it.

Good thing: My aqueous phase was a little brown and contained impurities. Of course you may think: Removing the water will force that impurities to get into the Toluene / Napthta / ... phase. But now after I absorbed all the water, the MgSO4 is also brownish! This means the crap is also closed shut in the MgSO4 along with the water.

Mg/Na2SO4 should be pretty cheap in any chemistry shop.

And it can break even the BIGGEST emulsions in like 5 minutes, I had to test it because I had the biggest emulsion of my life and it was a nice surprise. Having a vacuum filtration apparatus will separate even 1L Toluene and 100g MgSO4 in like 10 secons :o

Check the

BIG Analysis on DMT !

Lots of interesting and possibly new stuff unraveled ;o

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The main problem with this is.
You need to use LOTS of salt.
And your extractions needs to be TINY else you will just end up using like 5kg of MgSO4.
Also you got a pretty good chance of just creating 1 giant block of salt trapping all the dmt.
Also its rather wastefull to use extra salts and tons of solvents because dmt will get trapped in the salt cake you get.
Also its extra time&money wasted. You can just let it sit doing other stuff and the emulsion will fix itself.
Also im pretty sure in the time you do that whole salt thing any emulsion will break up on its own,

Rather just add 50g of lye and wait. Then proceed as normal.
#3 Posted : 12/6/2017 2:48:30 PM

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I sit it on top of a fridge. The vibrations help break up the emulsion.
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I found filtering the plant material prior to A/B extraction avoids any emulsions.
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