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Jees wrote:
pitubo wrote:
Boiling whole seeds is the only reasonable way IMHO.

Only good way to grind rue seeds is a drying session in the oven first.
Lost like 5 % of weight in the process.
Cant recall what I did, maybe 30 mins at 150 deg C? Just guessing.

Now it's pressure pot swings on my stove, multiple of those swings in a wash.
Water in and out da seeds with each swing ...
All you need and no hassle Cool

Jees, how long do you PC each swing and how many swings do you do? What pH do you start at before the PC? How many ml of water per g of rue? How many times do you chance the acidic water? 6% final yield I assume?

I've tried to PC whole seeds but I think I over did it timewise (1.5h) and got some mush in the extract.

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