crazy idea...vaporizing herbs or rue under pressure ? Options
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Here is one for science....

How differently would dry herbs or even hard to vape caapi or rue extractsor dmt react to an attempt at vaporization in a special pressurized vaping chamber ?

how would it be different than using a normal open pipe... ?

[does not gasoline vaporize under pressure in the cylinder of a car engine?]

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well the word "under" pressure is tricky, cz you know if the pressure increases vapor turn to liquid, like in a lighter

it vaporizes "under" "low" pressure or what they call vacuum vaporization, i don't think that can be made practical for DMT vaporization
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Vacuum sublimation would be a viable idea for purifying various alkaloids, especially perhaps to rid freebase harmalas from salt residue.

[does not gasoline vaporize under pressure in the cylinder of a car engine?]
The gasoline is vaporized in a carburettor (or at least, used to be - I'm not sure about modern, computer controlled engines) before it is introduced to the cylinder.

As Sakka says, increased pressure doesn't help anything to vaporize.

how would it be different than using a normal open pipe... ?
If you mean increased pressure, then IMO it would be cumbersome, potentially dangerous and highly inefficient.

Using reduced pressure as part of a method of administration probably would be cumbersome, potentially dangerous and highly inefficient as well, but for different reasons.
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