Was my product impure or does DMT really taste that bad? Options
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it's been said
long time ago
you'll be the first
and last to know

that the spice tastes amazing...
(and changuar confirms)
like alien candy
the incense you'd smell in a temple on some random moon a few light years that way...!

how does hyperspace do that...

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I LOVE the taste of my has a tiny bit of the mimosa friends loves it too..made into changa with cappi extract and peppermint it's perfect...but the white DMT doesnt taste so good.
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I find the white to be less flavored and less scented. I love the smell of my spice from the last pulls of an extract. It's yellow and oily but when I pick up the evap dish it's like floral perfume. I re xtal though because I think the yellow oils burn rather than vaporize with the dmt causing harshness.
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The smell and taste sends shivers down my spine... shivers of ecstacy. Shocked
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