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EGA is a world renowned ethnobotanical conference with a difference, the main auditorium is out under the summer stars in the Australian bushland.  This outdoor Psychedelic Symposium will span three days and nights, running from Friday 8 – Sunday 10 December 2017 and featuring more than 50 lectures covering a variety of perspectives on psychedelics and entheogenic plants and compounds. To accompany the main program there will also be discussion panels,  related workshops, as well as art and a marketplace.  

The 2017 Psychedelic Symposium is shaping up to be an incredible gathering of people from around the world sharing a wide variety of knowledge and experience on psychedelics and entheogens.  The event has gained international recognition for developing dialogue and community around this important field of study for over 14 years. 

The International Keynote presenters at EGA @017 announced so far (read full bios of the speakers below):

Rick Doblin (MAPS)
Kathleen Harrison (Botanical Dimensions)
Erik Davis (Techgnosis)
Thomas Roberts
Ben Sessa
Fiona Measham
James Oroc
David Nickles (DMT Nexus)
Jennifer Dumpert
Nese Devenot

The Symposium
Taking place in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Australia, the 2017 Psychedelic Symposium will utilise two venues including a new state-of-the-art conference space, nestled into a native bush mountain range with expansive views of the valley below.  The 2017 Psychedelic Symposium will see our much-loved outdoor auditorium return, supported by immersive outdoor spaces filled with art installations, market stalls, on-site catering and a bar. 

Accommodation and Catering
EGA is a unique event, and with that in mind, we have designed optional accommodation and catering packages for the growing number of interstate and international attendees drawn to this special gathering from all over the globe. Camping will be included in the ticket price for all ticket holders with an array of options to upgrade accommodation for those seeking a weekend away with all the creature comforts.

The conference will also have both self-catering and camping options for those looking to spend the weekend among the trees - as we know many enjoy that aspect of the outdoor experience so we have been able to maintain these elements with the new EGA conference model, however, there will be a shuttle bus between some elements and events.

Accommodation options for 2017 include camping sites near the water with access to camp kitchens and dorms/cabins with ensuite facilities. For those looking to upgrade further, we are also now able to offer private 4-star rooms with all the creature comforts. Regular shuttle buses will operate between the different accommodation and camping options and the main conference spaces over the event operation hours.

The Speakers
For 2017, we have increased the diversity of perspectives, subjects and methodologies of our speakers. This year’s speaker list includes relevant experts from the fields of psychedelic research, therapy, botany, anthropology, drug law reform, harm reduction, arts and design and many other areas of psychedelic culture. The speaker list is by no means exhaustive, and we look forward to a greater range of speaker applications from relevant and interested experts. Please help us in spreading the word and encouraging speaker applications for this national meeting of the minds by visiting

2017 Conference Model
This EGA is going to be a different event from those of past years, so for those familiar with past EGA events, the new site and 2017 conference model has been designed as a fusion of the best of both our prior outdoor and indoor gatherings. This evolution will allow us to play host to a more professional, sustainable and international-minded event – while holding dear to the very elements that make EGA so unique. With this change, we hope to further legitimise Australia’s voice in the Psychedelic community around the world as well as setting the bar for conferences in the field of Psychedelic study in Australia. 

Ticket Sales
Ticket are now on sale via our web page. We announced the event early to give people time to save up for tickets as the conference new site and EGA vision come at a price, but one the team feels will be more than justified for attendees of the 2017 gathering.  Please keep in mind public tickets are limited to strictly 500. The conference will undoubtedly sell out well in advance, so make sure you hold the dates free and make EGA 2017 a conscious part of next year’s calendar.

For students and low-income earners, EGA has a payment plan option in place.  Please refer to the bottom of the ticketing page.

We very much hope you join us in December 2017, as we immerse ourselves in sharing the knowledge and multifaceted value of psychedelic and related compounds in an amazing new site surrounded by like-minded souls. Spread the word and let’s gather under the stars to celebrate an open and mature dialogue around entheogenic plants.

We hope you will join us for this special self-claimed long weekend away with the community while we explore the conversation around Psychedelics.

Kind regards
EGA team

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Hey Nexus,

I'm really excited to be a part of this year's EGA. I know a couple of the Aussies have already expressed interest/plans to attend and that it's a bit of a journey for literally everyone else, but if you're able to make it, it should be a great time!

I'll be talking about underground research and some considerations for its future in the context of legalization/decriminalization and corporate research into psychedelics as well as offering some critiques and questions regarding the current state of "The Psychedelic Community." Depending on the feasibility, we might even get into some extraction discussions Wink

The current list of speakers promises to make for an engaging event and I'm sure the width and breadth of topics to be covered will only become more expansive as more folks sign on.

Look forward to seeing you there!
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Can't wait to go to this, and see all your stupid faces.
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Hey all!

The full program is up Smile
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In New York, we wrote the legal number on our arms in marker...To call a lawyer if we were arrested.
In Istanbul, People wrote their blood types on their arms. I hear in Egypt, They just write Their names.
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Hi, anybody who went to EGA2017.

In light of the inaugural Australian Psychedelic Society meeting in Melbourne in early January, we might start a Brisbane chapter.

Two potential ways to meet are coming up, both at Mt Coo-tha.

At the lookout, 11am Sunday 28th January 2018, (first bus up is 10:20am 471 from Adelaide St in the City, arrives 10:50am), to meet and talk about what need happen for a Brisbane chapter of APS.

At Silky Oak picnic site, (don't turn left up to the lookout, then are three picnic sites on the left, Slaughter Falls, then Silky Oak, then Simpson Falls), might be around 10:30 am (going by previous meet times) Saturday 3rd February. Bring BBQ/picnic, and maybe let the plants stay home in peace given this weather, unless you have any particularly active heat lovers among.
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