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#1 Posted : 6/30/2017 5:59:11 AM
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i was aware of the medicinal properties of boldo, so i bought some tea for my mother (madrugada brand), but she was like, no, i am not going to drink that...

so i am drinking it Smile and i like the taste. very turpentine like imho, so it must contain terpenes... givew me slight effects i don't mind that most people describe as kundalini this and that. worst effect is beastly hunger, so i'd say nobody is going to loose any weight while drinking boldo.

supposedly some indians in chile or thereabouts make use of boldo.

anybody likes boldo here or knows more about it in the context of this forum?

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I don't know about boldo but I just read the wikipedia article and the one about boldine. This was instructive enough. Pay good heed to the warning about ascaridole!
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