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I was wondering if there is a setting I've overlooked. A lot of times I'll be inbetween what I'm doing and check for a response to a specific thread and in doing so all the yellow circles that indicate that a post or thread has been made will disappear once I sign off making it semi hard to keep track without using the times when things were posted.

I was thinking, in the case I am overlooking that setting that even without that yellow circle notification taking it down to the specific thread, that just going by the subforum notification, if you dont specifically click on that forum the yellow circle stays even if you log out so you can come back and pick up where you left off with minimal effort.

Sometimes I'll have a lot of things going through my head at a specific time and when I log out and all the circles disappear I havent had time to make a mental note of what I might miss.

It would be cool to do that by thread but even if it's just by subforum that would take a lot of the work out of recalling. Is there an easier way to do this?

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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are talking about but if you click "Active Topics" up underneath the main banner ^^^ you will have the option of sorting the most recently active topics via a specific timeframe and also viewing topics you've started and/or posted in within a specific timeframe.

Not sure if that addresses your issue?
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