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um expermenting with a. melonoxy group, the one im refering to dosent have bi pinnate growth as a juvy.
The A. melonoxy iod is working on is very much a broard leaf strain, very bitter tasting phyliode. Pic s n that to come. Its a slow process, always looking at A. mearnsii and i,m chimming in on this quote because I have seen a plantation of those a dealbata with the jugari pods, will defo sherlock that 1.
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acacian wrote:
I am wondering whether any of the species round here at all are floribunda. the one that I just failed was pretty much identical to the past ones too which are common to the area.. I do remember one which had much softer and paper like phyllodes I wonder if it may be what I'm looking for.

hello Acacian
I have found this acacia u seek planted along the road side and in flora funa reserves,
{Iod will post results soon as A mearnssii is on the back burner}... we've suspected the council know not too use dmt type acacias and rather use cross breeds like the a mearnsii x a melonoxylon that we keep seeing if our eyes dont mistake us, ATM I'od is drying A melonoxlon phylliodes twigs and quality bark from a familly. A huge mother of a acacian melonoxylon she is suclkling her babies and they are so broard phylioded and green not dark and not too light,
{not off the mother}!!! No way RESPECT ALL TREES AND SHRUBS...
Please don't get us wrong. We have only taken from the 4 and 5 year old's, only branch bark and twigs.
We offer toobacco and dark chocco. Acacias are dropping and poping up every where in the reserve round the mother tree the juvys don't have the bi pinnate leaves u see the council use. I often hug the mother and my arms stretch right round the base. We have travelled far and wide and they have always been in my backyard. wow.
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Acacian, are you still in the new england area?
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endlessness wrote:
Excellent thanks for that Nen!

There's a lot of Acacia dealbata in Spain too, several near my house and in and around Barcelona, I still need to do a proper test to see if there are alkaloids of interest. Here's an entry on it in a blog with many pictures:


edit: they call it 'mimosa plateada' (silver mimosa) according to the above link.

have you ever done this, endless? where i live there are thousands of them, if no-one ever tested this (and i couldnt find anything conclusive in the net) i could give it a run. from the 3 avaliable species in my area, dealbata is the most wide spread, and even considered invasive, the "town service workers" (i dont really know how they are called in english Rolling eyes ) are allways cutting a lot of them from the side of the road. i´ve been more focused on longifolia and saligna on the moment, because i never found any data on dealbata, but sometimes i wonder if dealbata really doesnt have any dmt, or if that was simply never tested Smile
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Anyone know how to make aya from A.Cyclops though? I have quite a lot here but dunno what part of the plant to use or how to do it exactly. Any suggestions?
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We should probably find out what's actually in it before going the aya route... be safe!
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DMTea Nexian wrote:
Anyone know how to make aya from A.Cyclops though? I have quite a lot here but dunno what part of the plant to use or how to do it exactly. Any suggestions?

I'd like to preface this by saying I have never made ayahuasca before.

As you would be well aware, our little nexus is brimming with knowledge in all things molecule related. All the information you need can be found in many of the sticky threads posted in the forums including this one. During a simple browse of this thread, I found that that Acacia cyclops has given promising results using leaf material (Page 11, post #201, posted by dromedary). So I would assume you would be more than likely working with leaf material. I would do far more research into the species before using it in ayahuasca as the plant may contain potentially harmful or undesirable alkaloids that an extraction would usually get rid of.

I have very limited knowledge of the process in which ayahuasca is made, I did, however, see that there is an Ayahuasca section. Threads such as "All about aya <3" ( will lead you on the right path to the safe procurement and consumption of ayahuasca. I'm sorry I can't give you more information, although, the information is out there if you take the time to look! Big grin

In any case, good luck with future endeavours, I hope to hear about many of them!Thumbs up
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echoing Lupis Arante and wira, thank you both, i would advise caution on any oral ingestion of most acacias...this thread was to prompt further research into what is in species, and to appreciate acacias as unique teachers, but always the advise has been to avoid oral experiments with unknown species...a handful have been deemed relatively safe by human trial, and error...with A. cyclops we have two positive phyllode extractions reported (one naturalised in South Africa, and yes the other dromedary in Aus), but no further research at this stage...most acacias are a frontier of modern knowledge...and i think constitute an ongoing specialised path..
MultiDimensionalTherapy - dealbata has barely if ever been looked at..

thanking all recent contributors to the thread, i've been generally absent while trying to find time to frame the language to convey the joy of a relationship with these trees, and their significance, in the written form..
to know a tree, though, is to know far more than an alkaloid..

peace unto all of you, and respect to the trees..
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