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#1 Posted : 4/11/2017 1:54:39 AM

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So a friend gave me some changa, he's a close friend of a friend... so trusted circles.

The leaf was moist and I said to him that it shouldn't be like that. He was like "I make it that way so it vapes properly for full effect". Meanwhile I'm thinking... nah, sounds wrong, should be dry, never seen changa that moist before. Should have trusted that instinct, I think.

So I packed a medium cone of this stuff later on when I get home, maybe 60-80mg. Light it from afar with a torch and it did seem to burn real good. It was very potent, but then half way though the trip turned real dark. Darkness took over the light, and then horrible visions of scorpion like creatures and other indescribable horror. I tried to call protective spirits and even my own light of God. I could not get out easily. I finally pulled myself out to my bedroom, and then turned on my side light. I could still see all the dark visions in the air. I was close to completely breaking through but didn't quite make it. Thankfully. I looked at my hands and calmed myself as much as possible.

Still. A difficult experience is just that. I can live with and process that. But what came next was of real concern.

I started to get pins and needles in my fingers and my heart rate was very quick and shallow. I forced myself to relax and deep breathe, feeding more oxygen to my body. I stood and stretched, whilst deep breathing to force more oxygen around. I went to the bathroom and I felt weird, like something melted inside my head. I was thinking it's not right, I never felt that before. Finally my oxygen came right and I felt warm again. The after effect of the herb lasted very long, more than an hour after leaving the peak. Maybe an hour and a half even. I started to feel cold and hot at the same time. Within 3 hours I had a full blown fever. I struggled with it, showering, cooling, warming as needed. Paracetamol and brufen made no difference. I went to bed with a throbbing heart and hot/cold chills. I finally fell asleep about 4-5 hours after the fever onset. I woke up this morning feeling ok. A little shaky, but ok.

What happened? What in the leaf could cause this type of reaction? Is it left over alcohol or some sort of alk I'm not used to? Something else?


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hey Northerner...

first of all let me say i'm really sorry you had this type of experience. not just that you felt/are feeling so crappy but it can also instill a fear and avoidance of spice for a long time. there is nothing worse than wanting to visit hyperspace but having trepidation over having unwanted and unknown physical side-effects.

i understand from personal experience. you can read this post:;m=739325#post739325

i still don't understand what happened to me; i was sure my changa was dry, but perhaps i did burn some residual IPA. i might have had an allergic reaction to Mullein (it is reported, but rare), or it could've been totally unrelated. that's the thing - i/we'll never know for sure.

i stayed away from spice for almost 5 months afterwards out of fear. not of the trip itself - i love the journey - but of repeating the same physical discomfort, worry and mystery.

after 5 months i ventured in again - this time straight freebase with a GVG and it was perfect. since then, i must admit, i have avoided smoking (combusting) changa. i have used it in a vaporizer, but that is, at least for me, hit and miss. the GVG is a sure thing. one never knows what the journey will be, but one is confident there will, indeed, be a significant journey.

i would be interested to know...was the changa you smoked prepared with IPA? did it contain Mullein? did you totally nuke it with a flame (like i did, stupidly) or did you light a delicate cherry on the top (as is advised) and let the glow filter down the herb slowly?

not to worry you, but it took me almost 2 full weeks to feel "normal" again. my body felt better after a day or two, but something felt "off" in my brain. like i wasn't all there. but eventually it passed. some of it was probably self-induced by my level of worry and fear - like i had fried something in my brain. i had the fever as you did too.

there is no evidence that there are any long-term damaging side-effects from DMT. there are, i am sure, plenty of potential hazards from smoking/vaporizing IPA or Acetone.

keep us posted - we care Smile

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Thanks for your reply ducdevil. I appreciate reading your experience, I'm glad I'm not alone. I can assure you it hasn't put me off spice, though I doubt very much that I will smoke any more of that particular gift. I have others that are tried and tested and work wonderfully for me.

It's funny that you mention viruses. I have had a difficult time to overcome a virus (the joys of the tropics and mosquitoes) in recent weeks. I smoked last week though, knowing I was still infected, in an attempt to settle with it. I was presented with a flickering hairy being/thing made of gold, and then placed in a tunnel of gold. It was a strong experience but I felt just fine afterwards, just a little respiratory inflammation. I integrated it and all was well. 2 days later I started to feel well. I thought it was over. But it just may be that virus is still with me.

The new changa mix does have mullein. I've never had it before, that is another thing I can consider. I don't know the solvent used, I didn't ask. Maybe this is a lesson in caution with sources for me. (crap, I thought I had this down) I cannot extract at home for now, I have 3 children.

I didn't nuke it. I hold the gas jet a long way away from the cone at about 70 degrees and bring it slowly closer until it lights, then take the flame away and suck slowly. Reapply as needed. Normally I can taste the dmt before the leaf catches. It's always worked for me.

But you're right ducdevil. Something is off. Going back and revising my post I've found I've skipped words and all sorts of nonsense mistakes. I'm normally very high functioning. It's a little concerning. I'm going to give it plenty of space and focus on my body for the moment now, trust in my mind to follow.

So probably some solvent? That seems to be the likely answer.
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I'd probably say it's the solvent.

Changa gives me a bit of nausea and a mighty headache afterwards. Could be due to a plethora of reasons. Only evapped for a day or two using iso. Didn't cure it. Intensity of the trip. Me acting like an idiot and straining my neck (fetal position on floor, hugging the floor with my chin on the ground etc.). Could be one of these reasons, all of them or none of them. Just gotta experiment.

"Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace." - Buddha
#5 Posted : 4/11/2017 9:34:15 AM
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I myself haven't had any adverse effects from changa, the worst I've had was the uncomfortable nausea that seems to be prevalent at the beginning, but my friend had some crap dmt that a friend of his made and it must have been really crude and had residue of the Hydrochloric acid or basic solution, it was pretty red/brown and he had dregs for hours and spoiled the rest of his day and gave him second thoughts on even trying dmt till I convinced him to try mine which he clearly could tell the difference.

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