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Hello, today I woke up with extreme physiological anxiety and, as I'm sure you're well aware/familiar, tensing up with a pounding heart is not necessarily conducive to living a flowing life.

I'm not at all interested in anything remotely "pharmaceutical" or any strange compounds with lots of negative side effects. Preferably some kind of herb or plant or extract that will work wonders, but any suggestion helps. People with strong anxiety usually need a lot to get it to simmer down, and I refuse to sacrifice other areas of my health to alleviate these symptoms, preferring a more wholesome alternative.

I searched up on the Nexus to see if another thread exists and found no results, however if this is spammy considering one already exists, please redirect me and delete this post.

Post your natural remedies for anxiety here, with links
(the stronger and quickly acting the better)

Thank you so much

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From my personal experience, anxiety and other mental troubles are usually complex. However, I share the way of your thoughts, natural remedy is always a priority compared to others.

Meditating helped me calm my mind, and also the Wim Hof method I do regularly that refreshes my mental well being.
Other than that, I am it seems very sensitive for sexual pleasures, so abstaining from every sexual act and thought also gave me power to control my own thoughts and ways.

Of the Wim Hof method, you can read here:

Of the other two, I will link none as I have no true solid sites to back them up.

Apart from this, I would suggest researching sleep, exercise, and proper diet. If anything is amiss, it can lead to problems in almost every area of life.

All of the above are natural and healthy ways of making the immune system and the body strong and healthy. Although as with everything, research first, and do it with caution Smile

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CBD + limonene (orange oil)+ linalool (lavender) might be a good thing to try, according to this paper

Mind you, most of these are results for tests on animals, not humans. So it is more of an indication than a proof, but might be worth a try

Also, it's always good to look at the other factors that might be involved in anxiety, like habits, general health, life circumstances, past traumas/unresolved experiences etc . I find strenous exercise to be a key for me too, and some kind of meditation or activities that get you in a flow state.

But if you are doing those things too, then yeah why not try an extra non-toxic herbal method to provide further help?

Good luck and let us know if you find anything that works well for you Smile
#4 Posted : 3/29/2017 6:17:06 PM

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Like end mentioned CBD might be worth trying.

Another herb that I have personally experienced some anxiety-relieve from is Ashwaghanda.
Its an ayurvedic adaptogen.

And dont knwo if you already do, but if not, I higly recommend doing some kind of work out, or physical activity.

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#5 Posted : 3/30/2017 3:51:40 AM

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CBD is definitely a great option. I strongly agree with the use of ashwagandha. Added physical activity can improve Indian ging, as well. Might I add the use of passiflora incarnata or scutellaria lateriflora, as these are other good choices. Tinctures, oils or even capsules are quite suitable. Smile

A solid slice of options are of possible utilization for anxiety.

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During a stressful time I found Californian poppy, Eschscholzia californica, to be very helpful. This was standardised capsules of powdered root. Don't worry about it being a poppy, it has zero addictive potential. The stress factor was a very real situation which is now, most thankfully, resolved. Since then there has been no need or desire to use this plant.

I found Scutellaria always left me with a hangover although I was combining it with camomile and limeflower.
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A cat or dog, if that is an option. My cat is the first line of defense for panic attacks. Also strenuous exercise.

Gotu kola, ashawaganda, lots of chamomile. Theanine powder is good. I eat a ton of it.
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Skull cap works well. Feels blissful sometimes too
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if you want something strong you could try dried amanita muscaria. It works like a natural benzodiazepine and effects (for me) lasts precisely 5 hours. If you dried them well (or found a good vendor) 2 gram should do it. In about 30% of the time you get naussious for the first hour. Drinking carbonated drinks will cause more naussia
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Go for a walk. Don't buy into your thoughts. The mind is wrong often. Be defiant of those thoughts and choose something different. Make a choice to be happy or whatever you want to be instead of anxious. This is easier said than done but that walk will help sort it out.

Chamomile Tea is relaxing with lemon and honey. Smelling the lemon is nice too.

I hope you can choose different thoughts and heal yourself! Please take care!
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I use Lemon EO, usually 10 drops is my preferred dose but i use 20 drops a day for heartburn and for anxiety, i put the drops in a capsule and take it undiluted but you could dilute it if you wanted to. Lemon EO is by far better than pure Limonene or Orange EO, so far ime. Lemon EO contains Limonene and Alpha-Pinene (probably other terpenes as well) and it really helps, plus the Alpha-Pinene has some Acetylcholinesterase inhibition and seems to do something with the GABA-A receptor providing anxiety relief without causing any side-effects or anything that i've noticed. I've taken Lemon EO daily for the last few years and have stopped for awhile here and there and haven't noticed any withdrawals or anything like that so it's good medicine i feel.

Aside from that, if you consume Caffeine or Cannabis, might wanna back off a bit, Cannabis can really potentiate anxiety, and Caffeine can contribute.
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