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Before I start I just want to share some personal issues, that I had PTSD and personal matters since I was a kid.

by the age of 22 I started to smoke hash mixed with opiate without any knowledge of the opiate..

furthermore that opened doors to other harmful substances from ciggirates, psychotic pills! to megadone, Xanax, cocaine, mda, mdma, fake xtc pills and much much more.

we used to cocktail lots of things and it just made me worse. Thank god I didn’t reach heroine nor crystals! That been said ive ended with a very missed up brain chemistry!
I tried to quit and I did but it was too late for me as my imaginations completely disappeared I can no longer dream I became insomniac and severely depressed.

My vision became foggy, I just felt a veil been placed between my heart and my mind! I felt overwhelmed by desperation because I couldn’t have a proper thoughts and wasting most of my time trying to put down proper thoughts as I used to be before, plus time was running from me I couldn’t feel time at all everything passes so quickly!.

I’ve been in this agony for whole 8 years! It felt like forever! I was severely lost in this emotionless void where anger , aggression, anxiety depression, an endless physical and mental torture.

Then I got introduced to LSD, psilocybin, amphetamines etc that didn’t work too! It just made me far worse than I was, plus I had more ptsd events with lucy with the wrong people! So in depth of desperation with endless loops of hating every breath of my life! I have decided to always ask god for help and guidance in achieving truth and state of tranquility from my agony.

And guess what?! God made the universe conspire to guide me to iboga! Although my faith was
weak and as a Muslim I couldn’t even feel connected while praying or whatsoever!
At first I was leaning towards ayahuasca but when I reached the island they said there is only iboga at the moment.

I didn’t even know by that time what it was! So I surrendered my well to god and decided to take the full flood leap of faith ! ( I don’t even remember the dosage but they were 8 capsules)
So I toke them at once, During the trip I was drinking fresh juice although they told me not to!

Furthermore the people who’s supposed to heal me with this were so unexperienced, and it was obvious that they just wanted to get the cash out of me without giving me any tips or any insight on what I should be expecting! Among other issues too that I would not prefer to talk about!

The leader who is supposed to mix my dose has a short memory issue which put me off The ease mode! The only thing they said is that I should be off any intoxications for a whole month, And I should shift to fruit base diet during this month. Plus they asked me to fast 8 hours before I undergo the experience.

I Forgot to note that I had H pylori bug in my stomach, And that caused me to have a very bad stomach ulcer so even with a whole month of anti bios it didn't work. So the doctor advised me to have another jar of antibio for another month!

which I couldn’t bare another month of agony! so this was another reason for me to undergo the full flood. However im not supposed to take iboga if I have ulcers but they told me its ok! And obviously you know why!

So the promised day begun! and I was laying in my bed in this amazing tropical island setting.
I popped anti nausea pill followed by the 8 capsules TA and HCL mix. 25 mins passed and I felt as if every inch on my skin was breathing! It was more of a mild vibrating sensations!

I was offered blindfolds and wax ear plugs cuz we started in the early morning.. so after the vibration sensations I heard this alien voice trying to adjust There telepathic frequencies to mine you know like when u try to find a radio frequency with statics sound.

I closed my eyes and I saw 3 grey aliens inside of space ship directly talking to me and they were trying to calm me down they said they will guide me bla bla but I was feeling there negative vibes.

Even the way they were speaking was so unsettling as if they were plotting something at that moment I had an idea what if this was a test and im supposed to pass it coming from a muslim background we believe in jinns the shapeshifting invisible ones they are satan progeny lots of them are bad but there are good ones too!

in either way we are not suppose to contact such as entities and we believe by reciting certain verses of the quran ( god revelation ) certain verses to make the bad jinns flees!

so I recited these verses and they vanished in blink of an eye ! And there negative vibes vanished with them ! So I stopped reciting ..after 10 min they became hostile and was chasing my out of body soul and once I finishes reciting again they vanish!

So I opened my eyes which I can do anytime when I want to exist the astral world and whenever I close my eyes im in that world! In other words I was fully conscious of everything. However I didn’t even reach half the experience which lasted 30 hours plus in other words that was just a starter!

I closed my eyes again and behold I see this weird square with weird waves of light and I was able to zoom in with my minds eye and boom I could see the room while my eyes closed ! I could see the busy babysitter! My hands and everything I was so happy and thinking this is so cool!

But wait its not just that I was able to float out of my body I could literally go through anything so I decided to go in the walls and the wooden furniture I was able to see the tiny fabric/molecules/atoms that forms EVERYTHING!

So I decided to see my self I was like an avatar for some reason so I decided to go inside my third eye and maaaan that was amazing the pineal gland was like ball of light that emits lights and I could even move the light in any direction it was amazing!

So I decided to zoom out of earth ! And I saw our planet but soon I stopped! I had limited access to further places and there was these weird shaped things 5 or 6 of them like robots? with red dot inside of them my guts told me they are another people who is astral projecting perhaps or maybe something I couldn’t understand!

And then I decided to come back to my body and lets get to business .. before I start my trip I wrote down the things I wanted to change or to know. So I was going step by step .. I toke out the paper barely reading the first sentience ( delete past fears and traumas) .. and every time I read one of my tasks I see numbers of lights downloads from top of me directly to my brain/heart !

I saw myself sitting in a chair with huge screen In front of me and I vividly remember every details I was using my left eye as a mouse pad ! Shifting through pictures and squeezing my eye to deletes! And all the frames were presented as negative bad experiences from the past and there were at least thousands frames!

I got tired after few scrolling so I decided to delete them all ! I said delete all and woosh! Everything was deleted and I felt much lighter ! But then my heart was almost exploding from heavy palpations as if its going to jump out of my chest! That stayed the whole trip ! Was so annoyed at times.

I felt lonely and scared most of the time however i was happy abit from this mystical experience !
Then I decided to ask why are we here and what is our purpose ! It showed me a screen with male and female figure with DNA symbol and other stuff which I didn’t completely understand and I looked up and there was some writings in the stars it said in arabic We did not create anything aimlessly !

I was like wooohhh! Then it showed me how everything was created to complement everything else and how everything is submitting to the well and law of the creator! Also how when we speak we understand these vibrations from our lips to our ears .. but with the creator he says be and it becomes a vibrational spiral creation !

It was sooo deep its really hard to put everything into words .. it also showed me multitudes of people engaging in a fierce war! there were a line between them as if these multitudes were halved into 2 groups the ones on the left side were emitting fire and the ones on the right side emitting light!

Then I saw strings came out of them with each string represented our modern day war from psychologically, spiritual and physical ongoing war through food water tv phones computers and much more that I cant remember.

I was very convinced and it literally shut me up for any similar questions and doubts I had in my mind.

Forgot to to mention that I was in sever pain from my ulcers and from my crazy heart palpitations I was getting paranoid at a time thinking that my heart was about to explode. Then I decided to heal my body!

This was so different as I felt something really heavy sealing my legs to the bed as if it didn’t want me to move because I was constantly turning on my sides from the pain. I felt this vibrational snake/worm? entering my body from bottom and swirling upward it was everywhere trying to detect a disease or a defect and when it does it focus on it and vibrates like crazy on the defect for a minute and a pop sound comes out!

Then it searches again for another defect until it reached my heart and it opened 4 arteries and man I felt amazing afterward the heart pressure pounding disappeared and I felt at complete ease ! New born like!
It moved to my ulcer and it just went full throttle on it and it was so painful the baby sitter advised me to pop valium to end the trip ! But I was persisting! I saw shamanic figure blue and violet while my eyes open floating near my face it was weird! Cuz I didn’t feel negative vibrations from them like how I felt with the greys!

The vibrational snake finished its thing from bottom till top of my head then I closed my eyes while reciting few words from quran and man I had the best experience ever !

I saw my self as a soul of light curling up in speed of light in space and my whole soul entered this huuuuge sphere of light and I felt craaaaaaaaazzzzy amount of loooooove it was the ultimate XTC the ultimate joy blissful unity love!

Words cannot explain how my serotonins were splashing in my brain! Then a nebula like figure appeared i really didn’t know what it is but it appeared while I was under this eminence love state it had a red dot in middle of it and it started to bounce!

Furthermore I heard biwiti tribal song that I heard before as a if it tells me u got through u fulfilled the test !Long story short I had a major breakthrough with this the next day woke up and my bed was filled with sweat!

I went to the toilet and had white stool ! and I felt so weak and disconnected but after days I felt amaaaaazing everything I wanted happened to me even more !

Words cant describe the state which I was in it was a major afterglow for a month! When I move my hand the traces just freeze I could see the wind urgh its out of this world what an experience! No insomnia I my vivid imaginations and dreams is back! I can see clearly now ! I can breath easily ! I used to have shaky hand and all gone!

My mind and body litrally healed itself in all aspects! I started to eat healthy again food tastes amazing eso fruits and veg!

I became closer to the creator and I know im in a mission to spread hes gift to us hes revelation and one of hes amazing cures iboga! I just feel alive again! After long depressing life! I can see how lovely life is in nature and everything!

everything feels amazing I feel blissed! no more depression no more pain! I can feel time got slower and my thoughts is in tranquil state! 2 years have passed and ive never felt better .. learned and still learning ..i have a strong memory now! I just feel smarter! guidance through dreams and visions is happening to me!

This was so unexpected to me like god and religion would be involved in everything! Overwhelming, power beauty, joy, ultimate liberation, freedom, rebirth, born again, forgiven, wiped clean, deep wisdom and knowledge downloaded directly , ultimate healing, we are all one in sight of god but not equal in deeds! It felt so real that made this life looks fake!

I have a feeling that im protected all time! I even have angels? waking me up for morning prayer sometimes in dreams and sometimes they ask me to wake up gently or they make a sound in the room ! I know it sounds out of this world but I feel so grateful to be chosen to be awake after long sleep!

Always Remember there are no such a thing as accidents or luck if there are its up to us to look at them as something else ! Guidance are everywhere ! Know god to set you on your straight path.

I would like to share few verses of the quran which relates to my experience:

So have they not #traveled through the earth and have #hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts.

We will show them our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth.but is it not sufficient concerning your lord that he is over all things a witness.

Is he whose breast God has opened to submission, and becomes guided, so that he follows a light from his Lord …?, like he whose heart He has sealed [with disbelief]? — this [understanding of the ellipsis] is indicated by [what follows]. So woe — an expression indicating ‘chastisement’ — to those whose hearts have been hardened against the remembrance of God ( allah ), that is, [hardened] against the acceptance of the Qur’ān. Such are in manifest error..

It is Allah that takes the souls (of men) at death; and those that die not (He takes) during their sleep: those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He keeps back (from returning to life), but the rest He sends (to their bodies) for a term appointed verily in this are Signs for those who reflect.

There is also a long one basically describes people of heaven will be the ones who handed there books of deed in there right hand and people of fire which will be handed there book on there left hand just how I saw in my iboga trip !

Excuse my English as its not my mother language.

May peace and blessings and guidance of god light be upon you all!

"There are no accidents/luck, And if there are it's up to us to look at them as something else.

"So have they not #traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, It is not eyes that are blinded, But blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts."{Qur'an}

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Thank you for sharing your amazing tale! It is nice to hear that you still feel this way after two full years - these substances can truly work miracles it seems.
"Think for yourself and question authority." - Leary

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RAM wrote:
Thank you for sharing your amazing tale! It is nice to hear that you still feel this way after two full years - these substances can truly work miracles it seems.

yes ! it is a miracle from god ! only through hes grace i was guided to this! words wont do justice for the gratitude to be chosen for such as guidance !
"There are no accidents/luck, And if there are it's up to us to look at them as something else.

"So have they not #traveled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, It is not eyes that are blinded, But blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts."{Qur'an}

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