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I'm under the impression from the original post that part of what we are after here is some physical, visual description of actual hyperspatial landmarks... How about those crazy tile patterns? I know they are not unique to the DMT experience, and can crop up under the effects of shrooms or LSD as well, but they tend to be much clearer and brighter on DMT. Often they represent a simple square grid, although I've seen honeycomb tiles and other more complex regular tiling patterns. When I see these patterns it is usually in the early part of the experience- still in the anteroom, so to speak- and the patterns in the tiles seem to consist of information about my present mental state; often the patterns will start simple, then intensify, until at one point the journey moves to the next level...

with a seemingly autonomous entity after taking DMT?
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Could say sorry to revive this after four months, but I'm not, as I don't think we've even begun to scratch the creative and collaborative potential available to us at the Nexus as we develop a rich robust spice slang.

I noticed we didn't have fractals in the Lexicon. I was under the impression this was kind of already an accepted vernacular?

Hyperspacial Fractal: A mathematical Fractal, experienced subjectively in three (or more) dimensions, rising from, or adding to the JimJam, can be experienced viscerally such as found in Folding Rooms

(I threw that together rather hastily ...anybody's thoughts?) Is this already covered by someone else's word? I thought it kind of sounded like jim jam in general, but then I thought of the times the "air" and just "ether" of reality shattered into these fractals before my eyes before getting to breakthrough and or hyperspace and being fully able to experience the jimjam. Anyone have similar experiences, reference to a word which already has this covered?

Or basically just anymore ideas so that we can keep this thing going!? Hyperspace is constantly transforming and moving, so should our Lexicon continuously progress.

What word would you like to use for the tiles Guyomech? Do you mean something similar to Glass Crysanthemums? Or is it like an aspect of JimJam ? A mix of these? Or something else entirely? Just trying to more accurately visualize what your experience was so that I can understand if I've also experienced similar.

(Or am I supposed to be creating a new topic entitled Fractal in order to discuss this term?)
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Well hello everybody! long time since I spoke here. I just happened to notice that we havn't got the phrase "Legoland" in the lexicon. Now I realize that many would say that this is covered by 'Candyland' but I submit the contention that Legoland is distinctly legoland because it appears to be made of legos, quite specifically. I don"t know how many of you, my fellow nexians have this experience but enough of my friends have had it to where I feel that it should be part of the lexicon. what do you all think?
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I wonder which came first - lego or legoland?
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Figured I'd start posting in here when I can think of certain things. Just doing it for fun and nothing more, not trying to be too serious with this or anything. Just regurgitating what's on my mind:

For me with dmt, when I break through - the rooms that I'm typically in [vaulted, domed] - the walls/structure of the space seems to me to be layered, passing over top, through, underneath oneanother, multi-angular/dimensional. Highly fluidic, twirling transmutations never revealing itself concretely or directly, flowing, never pinned down.

The experiences usually goes through 2-3 stages/transitions, kind of like a story [sometimes only 1-2 transitions]. And say I'm in a room/space as I described above - sometimes these rooms/spaces will instantaneously generate out of themselves more of this 'swirling, prismatic hyper-pastel transmutations, some shifting into various more architectures, some shifting into these independent, intelligent forms/entities - and these entities seem to be woven of that same structure, woven of the same essence, all spun from the one-same-something-ineffable.

What I described is just a small small sliver of the totality of the experience as it's going on. It's impossible, but try we can..

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